Dave Lamb

Reflections on The lump by Dave Lamb - Dave Walton

Building workers rally in Liverpool against a union sell-out

A couple of decades on after the publication of the controversial Solidarity pamphlet on the lump (a way of casualising construction work), Dave Walton, a former construction worker looks back on it and the struggles of the time.

The lump: an heretical analysis - Dave Lamb

1974 pamphlet by Solidarity criticising the standard left and union response to "the lump": the paying of building workers by lump sums for a job instead of union rates on national terms and conditions. Deeply controversial at the time, it criticised the slogan "Defend the unions, smash the lump!" and pointed out that the building unions agreeing to enforce a government pay freeze in "national interest" bore much responsibility for the development.

Libertarian socialism - Dave Lamb

Dave Lamb looks at socialism as the resistance of workers to work and bureaucracy.

The RAF Biggin Hill mutiny, 1919 - Dave Lamb

Pilots in the 141 Squadron at Biggin Hill

A short history of the victorious rebellion of British servicemen in the air force who were living in appalling conditions, soon after World War I.

The Southampton mutiny, 1919 - Dave Lamb


A history of the militant rebellion of British troops in Southampton following the end of the First World War. Amidst the widespread dissatisfaction, the men were highly reluctant to return to Europe after the end of the conflict.

Mutiny and resistance in the Royal Navy, 1918-1930 - Dave Lamb

Indiscipline - HMS Revenge

A short history of mutinies and rebellions in the British Royal Navy and Marines from the end of World War I, Russian Revolution and up until 1930.

The Etaples mutiny, 1917 - Dave Lamb

New recruits at Etaples, 1918

A short history of one of the early big mutinies of British troops in Europe as World War I came to an end.

Mutinies 1917-1920 - Dave Lamb

Solidarity's excellent pamphlet on mutinies in the British armed forces towards the end of World War I.