David Berry

New Perspectives on Anarchism, Labour and Syndicalism: The Individual, the National and the Transnational - ed. David Berry and Constance Bantman

This collection presents new research on the history of anarchist movements and their relation to organised labour, notably revolutionary syndicalism. Bringing together specialists in their field, it ranges across Europe and from the late nineteenth century to the beginnings of the Cold War. National histories are revisited through transnational perspectives—on Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland or Europe as a whole—evidencing a great wealth of cross-border interactions and reciprocal influences between regions and countries.

"Workers of the world, embrace!" Daniel Guerin, the labour movement and homosexuality

David Berry's biographical account of Guerin's discovery of the working class and of the links between this and his homosexuality; and a discussion of his attempts to generalise from these experiences and to theorise the question in order to inform his political choices.