Bologna remembers the victims of 1980 fascist massacre

Citizens, political organizations, and various institutional representatives marched through the streets of Bologna to remember the massacre that struck the city on August 2nd, 1980.

On August 2nd, as every year since 1980, citizens, political organizations, and various institutional representatives marched through the streets of Bologna to remember the massacre that struck the city during the terrible years of terrorism. 32 years ago a bomb was placed in the waiting room of Bologna’s central train station, killing 85 people and injuring more than 200.

The TUC collaborate with the Met to sew up October 20

On October 20 2012, the TUC is hosting another national march and rally in London. Like the one on March 26 last year, it is likely to be a big event. Like then, too, it is likely to be a way for the trade unions to have their members let off steam without being too radical. But it looks like the lessons of last time are being learned, as the TUC is taking pre-emptive steps to avoid a repeat of last year's "trouble."

This should come as no surprise, of course. Last year, the TUC and "independent" legal observers Liberty were given desks in the Met's central observation room. Stewards were given training to prevent sit-down protests, and for all intents both organisations were just extra layers of the police operation.

California cops clamp down on Disneyland dissent

Broad sections of the Anaheim working class are seething with anger at cops

An update from Adam Ford on the dissent - and repression - following the fatal shooting of 25 year-old Manuel Diaz by police, in Anaheim, California.

Disneyland in Anaheim is emblematic of 'the American dream' - a make-believe world where 'good' always triumphs over 'evil' in the end, and childhood innocence lasts forever.

Tense anti-racist march underscores the task ahead for Liverpool's anti-fascists

Yesterday saw the annual James Larkin Society march and rally in Liverpool, under the banner of "Working Class Unity Against Racism and Fascism." The theme was chosen in defiance of rising far-right activity in the city, most notably a mobilisation in February where 200 fascists, loyalists and ex-soldiers were able to turn an Irish Republican march away from the City Centre. This time, the march was not turned back - but by the same token neither were the fascists convincingly repelled.

In February, what happened was definitely a surprise. At that point, Liverpool BNP were still ticking over but virtually dead on their feet. The North West Infidels had yet to establish a presence in Liverpool, since the fascists engaged in low-level harassment of Occupy Liverpool still had one foot in the EDL camp.

Iain Duncan Smith receives a warm welcome in Bootle

Iain Duncan Smith recently slithered into Liverpool for a tour of the DWP offices. This is a brief account of his welcoming committee.

The Secretary of State for Works and Pensions, and failed former Conservative Party leader, Iain Duncan-Smith, last week visited the DWP offices in Bootle.

A picket had been organised outside the DWP offices by the local PCS branch to greet Mr Duncan-Smith on his arrival.

Do something! A critique of activism

Alasdair critiques aspects of student and political activism in the UK.

"Revolution is made everyday despite, and in opposition to, the specialists of revolution" - Raoul Vaneigem

The voiceless’s last scream: a suicide a day among the unemployed in Italy

In the last few years many suicides in Italy have been strongly linked to the economic crisis and unemployment. 357 people killed themselves in 2009, compared to the 260 of the previous year: a 37.3% growth. 76% of those people had lost their jobs or couldn’t find one due to the crisis, with a smaller percentage of younger people who were looking for their first job.

Employment emerges as one of the general key causes of suicides: 18.4 suicides were recorded every 100.000 unemployed people, against 4.1 among the employed. This confirms the importance of a job as a way to build and improve someone’s life, especially in the male population, which has the highest percentage of suicides in general.

What it has come to: Symbolic protest met with calls to truncheon protesters

Lech Walesa has said that unionists protesting against raising the retirement age should have been clubbed and Members of Parliament from the ruling ''Civic Platform” party want to sue them for ''forced overtime”.

While the Parliament was voting to raise the retirement age, Solidarity organized some symbolic protests. Symbolic because you cannot fight this war by avoiding strikes at every time. Instead of even a symbolic one-day general strike, or thousands marching the streets, a few hundred unionists came out.

May Day 2012 - discussion and updates

May 1, International Workers Day. Please post your accounts and updates of workers' events today in the comments below.

See this article for a short history of Mayday as International Workers Day.

And see this thread for discussion of organising of the #occupy Mayday general strike attempt.

'Stop Vládě' - Union demo in Prague

Over 80,000 people marched and rallied in Prague today in a union-organised demonstration against the government and its austerity program. It took place under the banner of "stop vládě" - "stop the government".

The Czech right-wing coalition government headed by Petr Necas has joined others around Europe in implementing an increasingly harsh program of austerity. The stated objective is to reduce the state deficit from 3.5% to 3%. The Austerity program until now has been praised by global ratings agencies despite hitting domestic consumption and growth.