direct action

Picket at the Leicester Square School of English

Pay Up Craig Tallents

A re-blog from our friends at the Trade Onion detailing a joint IWW/ALB picket that occurred at the Leicester Square School of English last Saturday.

Praise for ZAD - Some unfanatical zadophiles from Nantes, Grenoble, Carcassonne and other places

A brief encomium for the ZADs of France (ZAD: Zone to Defend), local organizations of anarchist-influenced anti-development activists fighting against construction projects (e.g., airports, dams, eco-tourism) that threaten to destroy communities, ways of life and nature, written and distributed after the French riot police killed a demonstrator on October 26, 2014 in Sivens who was protesting against a massive dam project.

Agitation the greatest factor for progress - Mother Jones

An extract from a speech by Mother Jones about the importance of agitation and the uselessness of voting, in combating the abuses of capitalist industry.

How do we fight privatisation?

Some quick thoughts on privatisation and how workers can effectively challenge it.

Take back the land: Land, gentrification & the Umoja village shantytown - Max Rameau

In October 2006, a group of housing activists called Take Back the Land seized control of a plot of public land in Miami, Florida and built an encampment that would become known as the Umoja Village Shantytown, a living reminder of the lack of low-cost housing in the city, and a public protest against gentrification

Quick win in poverty-wages fight at White Center grocery store

SeaSol quickly wins $6,710 at a South Seattle grocery store.

Tenants campaign scares slumlord into fixing things up

SeaSol works with tenants in one building to win improvements from deadbeat landlord.

A fungus among us: Direct action cleans up landlord's act

A demand delivery scares landlord into returning the deposit of two SeaSol organizers.

Seasol victory over greedy, paycheck-stealing boss

Seattle Solidarity Network's campaign of direct action finally convinced thieving boss Eric Galanti to pay Lucio his long-withheld wages.

Jumbo sized victory for Marco and Seasol

After a three month fight Marco and Seasol have won our campaign against Jumbo Buffet in White Center. Marco received $4700, making up for the months of working under mininum wage with no breaks or overtime pay.