The libertarian Dundonian: Jute, The Poet’s Box, the Guy They All Dread (with an aside on poet McGonagall)

A short history of libertarian Dundee

After Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, Dundee was the Scottish city that had the greatest anarchist implantation in the 19th century.

Dundee was a centre for Radicalism in the 1790s and the Radical weaver George Mealmaker, who stood on the revolutionary wing of the movement, was transported to Australia for fourteen years. Subsequently Dundee was a stronghold for Chartism in the 1830s.

Timex strike: time for a change - Subversion

Subversion look at the Timex workers' illusions in their trade union, regular mass pickets and the need for solidarity strikes in their dispute in summer 1993.

The courageous resistance of 343 Timex strikers in Dundee to massive cuts in their wages and conditions and the subsequent threat to close the factory has been well documented else where.

Second strike for Dundee posties

More than 100 staff from the Royal Mail's Dundee East depot are set to strike.

This will be the second walkout over the measures, although the Dundee depot is the only one in Scotland to be striking over the introduction of a new policy to replace full-time positions with part-time workers. It comes as part of a widespread move to replace 40 hour sorting and delivery posts with 30 hour part-time delivery-only posts when they become vacant.