Reports, discussion abound at the 2013 IWW General Convention

An account by Mathieu Dube of the IWW's 2013 General Convention in Edmonton.

This year my fellow workers of the Pittsburgh General Membership Branch (GMB) entrusted me to be their delegate to the 2013 IWW General Convention that was held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on Labor Day weekend, Friday, Aug. 30 - Sunday, Sept. 1. I will share my experience of the proceedings in the following lines.

You might just be a Wobbly: a speech from the 2013 IWW convention

The words of welcome which a member from the Edmonton General Membership Branch delivered at this year’s IWW delegate convention.

My name is Phinneas Gage and I, like all of you, am a Wobbly. But what does it mean to be a Wobbly?

Well, if you think a wildcat by the members is better than a deal cut by the leaders, you might just be a Wobbly.

What happened in Edmonton this week: an appeal for solidarity from a letter carrier in Edmonton

An appeal for solidarity from a letter carrier in Edmonton to other postal workers at Canada Post in response to creeping management disciplinary letters.

This week we have seen hundreds of letter carriers in Edmonton take a stand. They took a stand for health and safety, they took a stand for their ability to provide for those who depend on their income, and they took a stand in defense of a public institution that is under attack.


The Industrial Workers of the World and the unemployed In Edmonton and Calgary in the Depression of 1913-1915

A paper by David Schultz studying the IWW's efforts to organize the unemployed of Edmonton and Calgary during the economic depression of 1913-15: most were transient, unskilled workers, and many had just arrived from railway construction camps in the interior where the IWW had led massive strikes.

Labour /Le Travail Vol. 25, (Spring, 1990), pp. 47-75.

Anarchists and locals send nazis packing in Edmonton, Canada

Nazis attempted to rally in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and were sent "fleeing" by anti-racist activists.

A white supremacist rally in Edmonton's downtown lasted only minutes when the demonstrators fled into a subway stairwell after they were greeted by over 300 antiracist.

Police then blocked subway platform entrances until the roughly two dozen self described white pride demonstrators, most of them masked, were able to leave on a train.

Hospital workers across Edmonton walk out on wildcat strike

A crowd of hundreds of wildcat strikers surrounds the Royal Alexandra Hospital

Hundreds of support workers at the Royal Alexandra and University of Alberta hospitals in Canada walked out this morning in a dispute over pay and conditions.

So far dozens of surgeries have been cancelled as diagnostic imaging clerks, cleaners and technicians downed tools at at least 12 different sites at 7 AM.

The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees stated that they believed workers at Mayerthorpe, Radway, Peace River and Claresholm were also either taking or considering taking similar action.

One worker told the Edmonton Journal: