Egypt unrest

Police arrest Alexandria workers as strikes continue nationwide

Striking postal workers arrested as more than 50,000 employees of the state-owned postal services have been on strike across the country since Sunday, and have begun to be joined by other groups of workers.

Despite official attempts to bring an end to a wave of labor unrest that contributed to the downfall of Hazem al-Beblawi's government, a broad range of Egypt's labor workforce embarked on nationwide strikes on Tuesday.

From Egypt to Wall Street

Wendell Hassan Marsh on the links between the Wisconsin protests, the Egyptian Revolution and the Occupy movement.

For­mer Egypt­ian pres­i­dent Hosni Mubarak had already stepped down, fol­low­ing a pop­u­lar move­ment that estab­lished a micro-republic, the Gumhuriyyah el-Tahrir (Repub­lic of Lib­erty), which con­tra­dicted the per­vad­ing logic of the inter­na­tional eco­nomic sys­tem.

Making the future: Occupations, interventions, empire and resistance - Noam Chomsky

Taken together, Chomsky's essays present a powerful counter-narrative to official accounts of the major political events of the past four years.

Laced throughout his critiques are expressions of commitment to democracy and the power of popular struggles. "Progressive legislation and social welfare," writes Chomsky, "have been won by popular struggles, not gifts from above. Those struggles follow a cycle of success and setback.

Thinking about Egypt: between cynicism and wishful thinking

On the developments in Egypt, on the framework in which people talk about the developments, and a bit on that attitude to take.

What follows is a long piece, but splitting it up and presenting it in two or three posts would not make the argument clearer to follow and would split ip the reactions as well. Se bear with me, poor reader...

Street protests and class power - Devrim Valerian

Reflections on current events in Turkey, Egypt, and Brazil and the aftermath of the Arab Spring.

The ongoing events that set fire to Turkey from the end of May, the mass demonstrations in Brazil during the Confederations Cup, and the current events in Egypt with Tahrir Square once again full of demonstrators calling for the overthrown of the President, show very clearly that we still live in a world dominated by the events that were unleashed by a young man burning himself to death in Tunisi

History and the Sphinx: Of Riots and Uprisings

Riots are the Sphinx of the left.

Jasper Bernes and Joshua Clover on The Rebirth of History: Times of Riots and Uprisings by Alain Badiou


Talking 'bout a revolution?

The Syrian events are a challenge for both left wing party people and revolutionaries. Part of the confusion, however, is related to matters of definition, choice of words and what they mean. One such word is 'revolution'. Does it apply? And if so, what does that mean?

The Syrian events are a challenge for both left wing party people and revolutionaries. I addressed some of the arguments in my recent blog series. Part of the confusion is related to how the facts are seen: how much Western interference is going on, and how much influence does it have on the battlefield and ont the likely political outcome?

The rise of Egypt’s workers

Joel Beinin on strikes, the labour movement and workers' organizing before, during and after the Egyptian intifada.

Workers have long sought to bring change to the Egyptian system, yet the independent labor movement has only recently begun to find a nationwide voice. As Egypt’s sole legal trade union organization and an arm of the state for nearly sixty years, the Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF) has had a monopoly on representing workers.

Egypt, Bahrain, London, Spain?– Tahrir Square as a meme

DSG's piece on resistance tactics as 'meme' and the emergence of public space occupations in North Africa and Europe.

As in the early days and weeks of what have become known as “The Arab Spring”– a series of insurrections against long-established regimes across North Africa– the British mainstream media seem to have missed the boat on the current “May 15th” movement currently filling the streets and squares of cities and towns across Spain.

Indignados and the Arab Spring - a graphic collection

Work from designers and artists at the sharp end of 2011's rebellions in the Middle East, North Africa, Spain and Latin America.