Egypt unrest

Revolution in Egypt: interview with an Egyptian anarcho-syndicalist

Suez Canal workers protest, 2011.

Interview by the Friends of the classless society (Berlin) with an anarcho-syndicalist from Egypt.

Egyptian trade unionists: Declaration of independence

Egyptian Trade Unionists: Declaration of Independence and statement of support for BDS.

Egypt: “democracy, social justice and human dignity” – but when, and how?

Tali Janner-Klausner reports from Cairo on the unfolding Egyptian revolution, including the recent international solidarity conference. From The Commune.

Revolt in Egypt - Hazem Kandil

A long and detailed interview by New Left Review with Hazem Kandil, an Egyptian political sociology scholar at University of California, Los Angeles - about the background and social composition of the 2011 Egyptian revolt and the options for the various forces involved in the political restructuring of Egyptian society.

Fire in Cairo: an Egyptian anarchist talks about the January 25th revolt

Textile workers on strike in Mahalla al-Kubra, Feb 17th 2011. interview Jano Charbel, an Egyptian anarchist and blogger, on the January 25th uprising, how it has progressed and the possibilities for working class struggle in Egypt and beyond.

Contours of Global Order: Domination, Instability, and Xenophobia in a Changing World - Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky discusses recent world events. Text of a talk given at Westerkerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 13, 2011.

Workers' struggles continue in 'post-revolution' Egypt

Dock workers at Port Said, Egypt.

As the reshuffling of leaders continues, Egyptian workers are still trying to push forward their own agenda.

Resistance issue 130, March 2011

Full pdf and text of the Anarchist Federation's free paper.

Understanding the period: class analysis and events in the Arab world

Article by the Turkish section of the ICC outlining the nature of the recent events in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya and across the Middle East and trying to draw an understanding of the current situation internationally.

Mass mobilisation, ‘democratic transition’ and ‘transitional violence’ in Africa

Michael Neocosmos on how 'democratic transitions' are about handing power over to (often neo-colonial) 'experts'.