The case against voting - Colin Ward

An article from Freedom newspaper (1987) - No politician of any colour likes a non-voter. Last week Labour MP Tony Banks introduced a bill in an almost empty House of Commons seeking to make voting compulsory .His fellow members had voted with their feet out of the chamber, but he wanted to fine those of us who fail to vote, unless, like absentees from school, we could produce ‘a legitimate reason’.

Vote Labour and still die horribly - Thames Valley Anarchists

Angry pamphlet from 1986 by Thames Valley Anarchists arguing for workers to self organise and take direct action instead of expecting the Labour Party to solve their problems.

The illusion of choice

A short article arguing against the 'solution' of electoral politics in the 2012 election in the U.S.

To defend the franchise?

Many people with anti-state and anti-electoral views will nevertheless organize around the defense of social programs when they are under attack. Should the same orientation hold for the right to vote?

Issues that Obama and Romney avoid

As the US election approaches, Noam Chomsky examines how similar the two candidates are on the biggest issues, and points out that only mass action, not voting, can change things.

The folly of voting

The following is a leaflet entitled, ‘The Folly of Voting’. It was published by Freedom Press in 1904. There is a small, faint photocopy of it in the first issue of ‘The Raven’ in 1987, but unfortunately it is not clear enough to be scanned and blown up. As it is unlikely an electronic version exists, and as I have far too much time on my hands, I have typed the whole thing out, for your reading pleasure.

Is SYRIZA a workers’ government in waiting?

Barry Biddulph disagrees with British Trotskyist group Workers Power and their view of the viability of a 'workers government' initiated by the Greek socialist party, SYRIZA.

Egypt's elections under military rule: join our resistance to the counter-revolution

A call for the rejection of Egypt's presidential elections by Comrades from Cairo

French and Greek voters seek a way out of austerity - Adam Ford

Adam Ford discusses the recent elections in Europe.

Greece: Trying to understand SYRIZA - Paul Mason

Alexis Tsipras

Paul Mason on SYRIZA, a previously lesser known leftist political party in Greece which has surged ahead in the polls as voters have become disillusioned with the major pro-austerity parties.