Emile Pouget

A few clarifications on anti-work - Bruno Astarian

A historical perspective by Bruno Astarian on anti-work and its current expression in proletarian struggles. Translated by 'Ediciones Inéditos'.

Syndicalism and the co-operative commonwealth

Emile Pouget and Emile Pataud lay out their conception of how a revolution would happen. Originally published in 1913.

Sabotage - Emile Pouget

Emile Pouget's seminal text on militant working class direct action.

What is the union? - Emile Pouget

Emile Pouget essay outlining the aims, priniciples and functions of unions.

The basis of trade unionism - Emile Pouget

Almanach du Pere Peinard; journal Emile Pouget worked on.

Emile Pouget's pamphlet outlining capitalism and revolutionary syndicalism's response to it.

The party of labour - Emile Pouget

Speakers from the CGT at the Meru strike (1909).

Emile Pouget's outline of the organisational style of revolutionary unions, which, for better or for worse, was defined by a large part of early syndicalism's practice.

Direct action - Emile Pouget

Classic Emile Pouget essay on direct action in working class struggle. Published by the Fresnes-Antony Group of the French Anarchist Federation, 1994. English translation by the highly recommended Kate Sharpley Library.

Revolutionary Bread - Emile Pouget

Emile Pouget's short 1896 article for L’Almanach du Pere Peinard on capitalism and "the conquest of bread".

Pouget, Émile, 1860-1931

Émile Pouget.

Paul Delesalle's biography of Emile Pouget, a major influence on the development of early anarcho-syndicalism.