Green capitalism, an appendix

Bye bye ice caps?

Some further thoughts on capitalism and climate change.

I previously blogged on this topic at the end of last year.

The trouble with “economic growth” – Gabriel Levy

Mineworkers at work in South Africa

This article (edited version of a talk) argues that the idea of “socialist economic growth” should be junked. Socialism is about human happiness, not simply about more stuff. The article suggests socialist responses to arguments about “sustainability” and the environment.

This is Part 1 of an edited version of a talk given at the Communist University, 26 August 2012. Part 2 is here.

Protests continue against mining in Greece

Last weekend saw further clashes between residents groups and police over the beginning of mining operations.

Over the weekend there were further protests against the start of mining works around Skouries in northern Greece. Hellenic Gold, a part of the Eldorado mining company has been given permission to mine gold in the area.

Indian police brutalise peaceful anti-nuclear protesters

4000 anti-nuclear protesters defied a police ban and marched along the coastline towards the KNPP nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu. Without provocation, the police started battering people with sticks, firing rubber bullets and tear gas, and chased many people into the sea.

The police confiscated or damaged cameras, and assaulted several journalists who had been covering events.

Interview - Los Amigos de Ludd

A 2006 interview with the Spanish group, Los Amigos de Ludd, that published a journal of the same name until 2006, on leftism, environmentalism, revolution and utopia.

2006 Interview – “Los Amigos de Ludd”

2009 Interview with IHU Online - Robert Kurz

A wide-ranging and comprehensive summary of Robert Kurz’s views on capitalism, economic crisis, gender relations, the environmental crisis, postmodernism, abstract labor, Marxism, the failure of the left, technological change, the State, etc., transcribed from an interview that took place three years before his death.

Interview with IHU Online, March 30, 2009 – Robert Kurz

IHU Online: Are the current financial and environmental crises linked to the “collapse of modernization”?

Robotics and labor: the nightmares of reified consciousness - Robert Kurz

A short 2010 article by Robert Kurz, reflecting on the crisis of abstract labor in capitalism and the development of productivity through robotics and automation, considered in the context of the depletion of fossil fuels and the simultaneous economic-environmental crisis.

Robotics and Labor: the Nightmares of Reified Consciousness – Robert Kurz

Overproduction - Robert Kurz

A short 2009 article in which Robert Kurz briefly discusses overproduction, the financial crisis, public bailouts, and environmental crisis, as illustrated by the case of the automotive industry.

Overproduction – Robert Kurz

The crisis highlights the fact that capitalism means producing ‘more’. Abstract economic logic does not distinguish between necessary goods for use, such as food, clothing, housing, etc., and luxury goods, or even destructive products, such as weapons of war.

Strike in Ilva plants all over Italy

Taranto workers keep striking, after judicial order stops production in the ILVA steelworks for environmental damages. As workers are asked to choose between keeping their job and protecting their health, tensions rise among the various unions involved in the struggle.

Today Ilva, the biggest steel industry in Europe, has stopped for a 24 hour strike. Its plant in Taranto, the most important steelworks in the whole continent, was stopped by a judicial measure by reason of the immense damages it has caused to the environment and the health of residents. Eight of its most important managers – including the head of the group, Emilio Riva – are under house arrest.

Court orders closure of ILVA steelworks for environmental damage

Environmental issues and labour rights are at odds in the court-ordered closure of ILVA steelworks, in Taranto. Workers paralyze the city in an all-out strike in Taranto. Genoese ILVA workers also joined their strike.

In recent days there were rumours circulating in Taranto, one of the biggest coastal towns in southern Italy, about the court-ordered closure of the ILVA plant, and workers had already started protesting. On July 26 it became official. A judge ordered the closure of ILVA’s key production sections, in practice blocking the entire production process.