Engels was Right: Early Human Kinship was Matrilineal

Mother and baby, Hadza tribe, Tanzania

The earliest human institution was not the nuclear family. The latest research now indicates that it was the communistic, female-centred clan.

Engels argued this in 1884. After a century of establishment denial, including complicity by 'Marxists', it now turns out that he was right after all.

What the hell is the family?

A text translated by Evan Calder Williams from Rosso, an Italian communist journal, from 1974. It’s written by the rather formally named “Study Group on the Family In Collaboration with the Workers’ Committee ALFA-FACE-IBM.” It is, in short, an attempt to figure out the economic and ideological function of the family form, particularly in its Italian incarnation.

Truth and revolution and parenting

Nate Hawthorne writes about the issue of parenting in the Sojourner Truth Organization and his own experience in current groups.

An owie to one is an owie to all: A six-step plan for helping your parent-friends remain activists

A member of Seattle Solidarity Network shares some steps she thinks organizations could take to encourage involvement from their members with children.

Supporting A Multigenerational Union

Jeff Jones talks about how he sees working class revolution as happening because of a multigenerational perspective that includes input and valuing children, parents and elderly members in the IWW.

Women, the State, and the Family

An essay by E. Moraletat examining the feminist movement in the context of women's relationship with the State and the bourgeois family.

My Nuclear Family

growing up in los alamos, n.m., by g.s. williamson

Processed World #21

Issue 21: January 1988 from

I blame the parents!

Popular media coverage often lays the blame for youth problems at the feet of parents. New report shows that contrary to received opinion, parents actually take greater interest in what their kids are up to now and monitor their activities more.

Atlanta families protest against police killings

Relatives of the 11 people killed this year by DeKalb County police protested on Tuesday night to demand a full account of the deaths.