Russian anti-fascists are facing charges for making a movie

Center of Counteraction Against Extremism ("E-Center") in the city of Vladimir did not like the amateur movie "Russian anti-racist skinheads", and they opened a criminal case against makers of the film. According to them, film incited hatred against "social group of skinheads and nationalists".

Spanish political prisoners - Syndicalist Workers Federation

Miguel Garcia, Barcelona, August 1979.

A pamphlet published by the Syndicalist Workers' Federation on the imprisonment of Spanish anarchists by the Franco regime (1970).

Poland: Landlords, police and neo-nazis attack activists

Polish police victimize activists who protests against housing politics and neonazi violence. At the same moment gangsters associated with Palikot's Movement terrorize tenants.

Arson attack on the offices of the Golden Dawn

Unknown individuals have burnt down offices in Athens that belong to the fascist 'Golden Dawn' party.

A cheap holiday - Syndicalist Workers Federation

The Syndicalist Workers' Federation's satirical denunciation of Francisco Franco's brutal repression of workers. Published as a vacation flyer "on behalf of Spanish tourism" (1964).

Bologna remembers the victims of 1980 fascist massacre

Citizens, political organizations, and various institutional representatives marched through the streets of Bologna to remember the massacre that struck the city on August 2nd, 1980.

Report on Nazi military survivalist camps in Poland

A look at the military camps in southern Poland organised by the far right, which were recently responsible for the murder of two students.

Tense anti-racist march underscores the task ahead for Liverpool's anti-fascists

Yesterday saw the annual James Larkin Society march and rally in Liverpool, under the banner of "Working Class Unity Against Racism and Fascism." The theme was chosen in defiance of rising far-right activity in the city, most notably a mobilisation in February where 200 fascists, loyalists and ex-soldiers were able to turn an Irish Republican march away from the City Centre. This time, the march was not turned back - but by the same token neither were the fascists convincingly repelled.

Mussolini, Sacco-Vanzetti and the Anarchists

An examination of Benito Mussolini's attitude towards Sacco and Vanzetti by Philip Cannistraro.

Anti-Nazi League: Don't believe the hype

A critique by Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) of the Anti-Nazi League (ANL) mk2′s analysis after the BNP victory in 1992.