EDL in Luton report

The English Defence League demonstration in Luton was the usual drunken mess. Malatesta reports.

Marching Altogether: Interview with a member of Leeds Fans United Against Racism and Fascism

Marching Altogether

This is an interview with a member of Leeds Fans United against Racism and Fascism (the first football fan-based group in Britain set up specifically to fight racism) from the Leeds Anti Fascist Action newsletter 'Attitude' in Spring 1994 along with issues of LFUARAF's fanzine 'Marching Altogether'.

Swastika night - Katherin Burdekin

Published in 1937, twelve years before Orwell's 1984, Swastika Night is an outstanding example of dystopian fiction. Weaving a tale of feudal Europe seven centuries into a post-Hitlerian society, Burdekin's novel explores the connection between gender and political power and anticipates modern feminist science fiction. Readers will be reminded of 1984 and Charlotte Perkin's Herland and note the sharp contrast between the women- centered world of Herland and the womenless one of Swastika Night.

Fascists attack paper sale in Lewisham

Whilst undertaking their usual Saturday morning paper sale in Lewisham several SWP members were viciously assaulted by a group of fascists. At least two people required hospital treatment. This is the latest in a growing list of attacks against anyone that the fascists deem to be 'left wing'.

Bad day for fascists

Today has been a bad day for UK fascism. There have been several arrests in dawn raids by anti-terror police following a tip off. They were then run off the streets by anti-fascists in Liverpool.

Street theatre

A brief examination of the performative nature of encoutners between fascist groups, such as the EDL and 'anti-fascist' groups such as UAF on the streets of the UK. With this we hope to raise questions about the form of anti-fascist resistance against raising fascism. Origionally posted here.

Anti-capitalism or anti-imperialism? Interwar authoritarian and fascist sources of a reactionary ideology: The case of the Bolivian MNR

Loren Goldner's detailed account and analysis of the Bolivian Revolutionary Nationalist Movement (MNR) which was the key player in the 1952 national revolution, and which was supported by the left despite its pro-fascist, corporatist tendencies.

Ubu saved from drowning: worker insurgency and statist containment in Portugal and Spain, 1974-1977 - Loren Goldner

Salazar and Franco.

An analysis of the end of the Salazar and Franco regimes and the transition crises that marked " the last major working class upsurges in the West in the era of the big factory".

Anarchists and locals send nazis packing in Edmonton, Canada

Nazis attempted to rally in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and were sent "fleeing" by anti-racist activists.

Militant Anti-Fascists in Bolton

Fifty militant anti-fascists from Liverpool, and several others from around the UK travel to Bolton to confront fascists. We had a hard job finding them!