Far Right Death Threats

With the convictions of nazi duo shepperd and whittle and the recent arrests of other nazis over web content, the legal implications are going to cause problems for the far right.

The X-Filers - Troploin

Former members of La Banquise respond to allegations of Holocaust denial, and criticise their previous response to such allegations.

Eddy Morrison and The NF

The NF are busy trying to absorb disillusioned BNP supporters but there is factionalism afoot with the Fronters.

The EDL, the BNP and Stoke

The EDL, the BNP and the possible co-operation of local football firm ‘the Naughty Forty’ has serious public order implications at the January demonstration in Stoke.

Medicine and the Spanish Civil War

A historical survey of medicine in Spain during the Spanish Civil War

Emergence of Modern Genetics in Spain and the Effects of the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939) on Its Development

An assessment of the effects of the Spanish Civil War on the development of genetics in Spain.

Vanya Bonecrusher in his own words

Ivan “Vanya Bonecrusher” Khutorskoy was shot in Moscow by an unknown nazi assassin on the 16th of November 2009. This interview with him (where he uses a pseudonym) was published on the punxunite.ru website on the 29th of September this year. Take the time to read it in order to know about this man and his ideas, share it with your friends and translate it.

Fascist bomb in Salonica, racist pogrom in Athens

Last Monday the fascist parastate made a double attack in Greece with the bombing of an antiauthoritatian centre in Salonica, and the pogrom against the arab community of Neos Cosmos in southeast Athens

Street politics in Hamburg, 1932-3

Nazi brownshirts in 1932

Anthony McElligott examines the street fighting and battle for control of territory between fascists and the working class in the run-up to the Nazi seizure of power.

Workers' Struggles And The Capitalist Counter-Offensive Under National Socialism

Workers at a Nazi engineering labour camp

Elisabeth Behrens writes on the Nazis' use of force and racial and national stratifications amongst workers to divide up and crush the working class.