Anti-Fascist Action – Fighting talk (documentary)

A BBC documentary from 1993 charting the history of militant anti-fascism in the UK.

Greek Stalinists welcome fascist involvement in workers dispute

The Greek Communist Party (KKE) have seemingly welcomed the involvement of the a fascist organisation, into a long running steelworkers strike in Athens.

Anarchist anti-fascist murdered in Russia's family in need of support

At 6:30 AM on the morning of 9 February a janitor at the FIAN Institute found the body of Nikita Kalin, born in 1991. He had been stabbed 61 times. His family are now in dire need of support.

Spanish civil war and revolution photo gallery, 1936-39

Anarchist workers in the Spanish revolution

Photo gallery of anarchists and other workers who attempted a social revolution after the military uprising of the right-wing General Francisco Franco in July 1936. Thanks to anarchismus.at for supplying some of the pictures.

Court out! Racist groups try to use court cases for publicity

A look at far right groups Like the British National Party and English Defence League trying to piggyback onto court cases to get publicity, whether those involved want them to or not.

Morality and biology in the Spanish Civil War: Psychiatrists, revolution and women prisoners in Málaga

Michael Richards on the Spanish Civil War, women and psychiatry.

Marching altogether? Football fans taking a stand against racism

Marching Altogether

An article written by a co-founder of Leeds Fans United Against Racism and Fascism about their campaign to rid fascist and racist activity at Elland Road with their fanzine 'Marching Altogether'.

Nizhny Novgorod anti-fascists in need of support

Antifascist and anarchists in Russia are in need of support as several are facing trumped up charges from the police.

EDL Liverpool report

The far right make a hames of things. Again! A February 2012 update on the antics of the English Defence League and British National Party.

Phoenix: where anarchists pack heat and send nazis packing

Crudo, of Modesto Anarcho, writes an account of a 2009 anti-fascist rally in Phoenix, Arizona.