Ferrero, Pietro, 1892- 1922

Pietro Ferrero

A short biography of Pietro Ferrero who, with Maurizio Garino, was one of the anarchists at the head of the factory councils movement in Turin.

Garino, Maurizio, 1892-1977

A short biography of Maurizio Garino, one of the leading anarchist animators of the Italian factory council movement.

Domaschi, Giovanni, 1891-1945

A short biography of courageous anarchist and veteran escapee, Giovanni Domaschi who was tortured and had an ear severed before dying in the Dachau death camp.

Götze, Ferdinand 'Nante', 1907-1985

A short biography of German anarcho-syndicalist, Ferdinand Götze, who was also active in Sweden and Spain.

The Battle of Cable St, 1936 - Joe Jacobs

Joe Jacobs was in 1936 a local Communist Party activist in London's East End. This is his account of his involvement in the famous defence of the East End against an attempted march by Mosley's fascists.

Pedrini, Belgrado, 1913-1979

Italian partisans in World War II

A short biography of anarchist Belgrado Pedrini who took part in antifascist resistance and as a result served 30 years in prison in post-Mussolini Italy.

Bonomini, Ernesto, 1903-1986

A short biography of Italian anarchist and Spanish Civil War fighter, Ernesto Bonomini, who assassinated a leading fascist in France.

The role of the Catholic Church in Yugoslavia's holocaust - Seán Mac Mathúna, 1941-1945

Historical information about Catholic priests and Muslim clerics being willing accomplices in the genocide of the Yugoslavia's Serbian, Jewish and Roma population during the Second World War.

"The Renewal of Medieval Times" in Yugoslavia, 1941

Article from the Fascist-controlled press in Italy in 1941. The author, Corrado Zoli, was traveling through Bosnia and witnessed the Ustase massacres - and the assistance of Franciscan priests in the butchery - firsthand.

Critique of autonomous anti-fascism - Wildcat (Germany)

The anti-fascist demonstration in Hoyerswerda, 1991

Article about the background to the violent attacks on foreign workers in Hoyerswerda in ex-DDR at the end of 1991 and the anti-fascist demonstration which followed.