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Nine anti-fascists acquitted at Welling trial

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Nine anti-fascist defendants were acquitted today, but six more remain in prison in need of support.

Nationalism and culture - Rudolf Rocker

German anarcho-syndicalist Rudolf Rocker's classic text on nationalism and culture.

From Meta-Politics To Mass Murder – A New Right-Wing Extremism

It is horrible. The massacre on Utøya and attack in Oslo’s government district is the worst right-wing terrorist act directed against the Scandinavian labor movement. How could it happen? How could such an extensive and long-term terrorist plan go completely unnoticed by the security police?

Debunking the Islamisation myth

Fear that Western countries are undergoing a process of 'Islamisation' was the main motivation of Norwegian terrorist and mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. But it can also be seen in Melanie Phillips' columns in the Daily Mail, in bestselling books, and on the placards of the EDL. It also happens to be nonsensical.

Justice: Different for right and left

A notable thing about the start of this week, other than the Norway shooting, has been the sheer obviousness of double standards in the British justice system which just gone on show.

The new Integralist Conservatism: a briefing

Jon Gaynor provides an introduction to the right-wing current of thought which encompasses groups like the EDL, anti-Muslim bloggers and authors, and populist political parties.

Casa Pound and the new radical right in Italy

Blocco Studentesco during scuffles in Piazza Navona, Rome, 2008.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that a group of zine-publishing techie squatters into rock music, baiting the state and defending the working class were part of the anarchist left. But, writes the Moyote Project, Italy's Casa Pound movement is symptomatic of the radical right's growing ability to assimilate progressive agendas into a toxic and populist political brew.

Stefano Delle Chiaie: Portrait of a 'black' terrorist - Stuart Christie

Investigative journalism by Stuart Christie into the neo-fascist terrorist career of Stefano Delle Chiaie, which spans two continents and two decades. The history of Delle Chiaie is the history of nazism in our world today. Through it we see fascist terrorist organisations in their true role: agents of an inner, oligarchic power sphere which sets itself above all law and morality

The menace of anti-fascism

A communist critique of anti-fascism, arguing that rather than small fascist groups, the real enemies of the working class are usually the mainstream "democratic" parties.