Anti-fascist patrols in Athens

Clashes during an anti-fascist patrol leave some injured and arrested on Sunday night in Athens.

The Hajduks of Cotovschi

A short history of The Hajduks of Cotovschi, an anarchist communist partisan organization from Romania, that pursued its activity in Bucharest, between 1939 to 1941.

World wide fascism or world revolution? Manifesto and program of the United Workers Party of America

Manifesto and Program of the United Workers Party of America, soon to be known as the Council Communists, which was a group formed by councilists formerly involved in the unemployed movement during The Great Depression and a left-wing split-off from the Proletarian Party of America.

Mr Tommy takes a trip!

EDL 'leader' Mr Tommy is gadding about despite being skint.

Antifa - Chasseurs de skins

Documentary about the rise of neo-nazi skinhead culture in 1980s Paris and how they were countered by a militant, multicultural underground movement. Contains interviews with participants recounting the subcultures and the street fights which made up their lives at the time.

Walthamstow: The return! Or not

The English Defence League (EDL) have vowed to return to East 17. Oh dear!

Syrian embassy invites Polish fascists to demonstrate solidarity with Al-Assad

Short news about protest which changed into Fascist event.

Russian anti-fascists are facing charges for making a movie

Center of Counteraction Against Extremism ("E-Center") in the city of Vladimir did not like the amateur movie "Russian anti-racist skinheads", and they opened a criminal case against makers of the film. According to them, film incited hatred against "social group of skinheads and nationalists".

Spanish political prisoners - Syndicalist Workers Federation

Miguel Garcia, Barcelona, August 1979.

A pamphlet published by the Syndicalist Workers' Federation on the imprisonment of Spanish anarchists by the Franco regime (1970).

Poland: Landlords, police and neo-nazis attack activists

Polish police victimize activists who protests against housing politics and neonazi violence. At the same moment gangsters associated with Palikot's Movement terrorize tenants.