Fascism - further reading guide

Libcom's guide to further reading around the far right, fascism and Nazism.

Remembering the Third Wave - Leslie Weinfield

Article about the 1967 experiment in Cubberley High School, California, in which a teacher created a proto-fascist movement which got out of hand. The experience was dramatised in 2008 film The Wave.

The third wave, 1967: an account - Ron Jones

Schoolteacher Ron Jones's personal account of his experiment which created a proto-fascist movement amongst his high school pupils in Palo Alto, California, which in 2008 was subject of the award-winning film The Wave.

Bolivian union disapproves of Morales' negotiations with fascists

Evo Morales.

The Central Obrera Boliviana sees no value in the current dialogue between the indigenous-peasant government and the separatist oligarchy. The president is urging the fascist governors to sign a grand national accord in the next four to five days. From the commune, translated from the Spanish from Econoticias Bolivia

Hannibal, Hermann 1898-1963

A short biography of Hermann Hannibal, blacksmith and member of the FAUD, imprisoned by the Nazis in Sachsenhausen concentration camp

Schwab, Alexander aka Sachs, 1887 -1943

A short biography of council communist and organiser of underground networks, Alexander Schwab, who died in a Nazi concentration camp.

Weiland, Alfred, 1906-1978

Alfred Weiland

A short biography of council communist, organiser of underground network, Alfred Weiland, kidnapped by the East German state in the post war period

Ferrero, Pietro, 1892- 1922

Pietro Ferrero

A short biography of Pietro Ferrero who, with Maurizio Garino, was one of the anarchists at the head of the factory councils movement in Turin.

Garino, Maurizio, 1892-1977

A short biography of Maurizio Garino, one of the leading anarchist animators of the Italian factory council movement.

Domaschi, Giovanni, 1891-1945

A short biography of courageous anarchist and veteran escapee, Giovanni Domaschi who was tortured and had an ear severed before dying in the Dachau death camp.