The Schlurfs - youth against Nazism

A short account of the Schlurfs, working class Austrian youth who rejected the values of Nazism

Get this racist Jack Straw off the BBC

Leaflet distributed at the Unite Against Fascism demonstration against British National party leader Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time arguing against censorship and "ruling class anti-fascism".

The Economic, Political and Social Origins of Fascism

Article first published in November 1933 in issue number II of Masses, an eclectic monthly publication connected to the left of French Social Democracy. It was written by A. Lehmann, a member of the 'communist workers' groups' in Germany, which had their origin in the KAPD [Communist Workers’ Party of Germany].

Belfast Anti-BNP protest confronted by fascists

Belfast anti-fascist protestors are currently engaged in a stand-off with fascists in central Belfast at a protest over the British National Party (BNP) scheduled BBC appearance.

Antifa confront neo-Nazi "celebration" in Philadelphia

3rd Annual "Leif Erickson Day Celeberation" put on by Keystone State "Skinheads" saw opposition this time around.

Folk singer hospitalised after attack by neo-nazis in Athens

Sofia Papazoglou, a popular folk singer was attacked by members of the Golden Dawn neo-nazi party in Athens after throwing election leaflets handed to her in the garbage. The singer remains hospitalised with serious burns from use of unidentified acid spray and with impaired vision.

Pumped Up Vigilantes?

A response to Derek Hanway's (director of Irish traveller organisation An Munia Tober) claims that those who defended the Roma under attack in Belfast in the summer of 2009 were pumped up vigilantes.

No Gods, No Masters: how the churches and politicians failed to help the Roma in Belfast

Comments on the failure of the churches and politicians to tackle racism in Belfast.

Combating racism and fascism means combating capitalism

Article on racism, the far-right and the recession, emphasising that the battle against racism and the far-right, is also a battle against the social and economic conditions that are its root cause.

Belfast fascist Neil House exposed

Neil House the fascist

An expose of a Belfast fascist attempting to form an all-Ireland 'white-power' gang.