1 in 2 and 77.7p - gender, disability, violence and pay gaps

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This post is the first in a series briefly looking at feminism and disability, analysing the impact of disability on gendered pay gaps and domestic abuse.

Trigger warning: discuses violence against women.

There are more disabled women than men in the UK. In 2010/11, there were 6.1 million disabled women (20%) and 5.4 million men (18%). 6.1 million women, 20%. And yet, to listen to mainstream UK feminism, you would hardly know it.

The women's question and difficulties of feminism in Turkey - Pembenaz Yorgun

First female MPs in Turkey, 1935.

Article examining the extent and nature of women's oppression in Turkey, the attempts of secular-nationalist movements to improve women's conditions and outlining the possible shape of a future feminist movement in the country.



A PDF of the piece 'Gender/Leadership' by Emily a queer materialist feminist from Portland, OR.

Radical America #20.01: Women and War

Constituent Items:

Conflict, fear, and security in the nuclear age the challenge of the Feminist Peace Movement in Italy (Addis, Elisabetta Tiliacos, Nicoletta)
Her story of war de-militarizing literature and literary studies (Hanley, Lynne)
Poem (Howell, Sharon)
On the German question left, right and the politics of national identity (Betz, Hans-Georg)

Radical America #19.04: Banana's Bases and Patriarchy

Constituent Items:

Bananas, bases and patriarchy some feminist questions about the militarization of Central America (Enloe, Cynthia)
From the movement "myths and realities in Central America" (O'Brien, James P. Thorkelsen, Nick)
At arm's length feminism and socialism in Europe, 1890-1920 (Kennedy, Marie Tilly, Chris)

Radical America #18.05: Women and Labor Activism

Constituent Items:

Beep, beep, Yale's cheap looking at the Yale strike (Cupo, Aldo Ladd-Taylor, Molly Lett, Beverly Montgomery, David)
Comparable worth, incomparable pay the issue at Yale (Amott, Teresa Matthaei, Julie)
The genesis of contemporary Italian feminism (Barkan, Joanne)

Radical America #18.04: Social relations among women in the welfare state

Constituent articles:

- Introduction
- Mujeres libres: individuality and community organizing women during the Spanish Civil War (Ackelsberg, Martha)
- Spirits in the material world: Publishing, pornography and the gay male (Bronski, Michael)
- The publishing industry, the gay community and further comments on gay pornography: Interview with Michael Bronski

Radical America #18.02-3: Voices of Black Feminism

Constituent Items:

Listening to the voices of black feminism (White, E. Frances)
Labor control through small groups Japanese labor today (Itoh, Eichi)
Poem (McAllister, Pam)
Of autonomy and inclusion nineteenth century feminism, British utopians and American socialists (Claswon, Mary Ann)

Radical America #17.04: Political Uses of the Holocaust

Constituent Items:

Holocaust the uses of disaster (Evron, Boaz)
The male ideology of privacy: a feminist perspective on abortion Japanese labor today (MacKinnon, Catharine)
East side story Mike Gold, the Communists and the Jews (Berman, Paul)

The main enemy - Christine Delphy

The main enemy - Christine Delphy

Delphy critiques Marxist accounts which place feminism secondary to economics, and instead offers a materialist feminist account which takes seriously concepts of production, reproduction and class.