Ferruccio Gambino


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The social factory / falling wall review #5 - Cleveland Modern Times Group

Falling Wall Review #5, UK, 1976. Rare pamphlet from Falling Wall Press, publisher of Marxist feminists such as Selma James and Silvia Federici. Issue includes The Social Factory statement from Cleveland Modern Times Group and writing from Silvia Federici among others.

Class composition and US direct investments abroad - Ferruccio Gambino

Article originally written for Zerowork 3 in December 1974 about class composition and American investments abroad.

W. E. B. Du Bois and the Proletariat in Black Reconstruction - Ferruccio Gambino

WEB Du Bois.

Italian autonomist Ferruccio Gambino on sociologist and historian W. E. B. Du Bois and the working class in the Black Reconstruction, written following the Great Depression about the period immediately following the end of the American Civil War (1860-1880) where freed slaves made major social advances prior to the mass repression of Jim Crow.

Workers' struggles and the development of Ford in Britain - Ferruccio Gambino

Ford strike, Winter of Discontent.

This essay by Ferruccio Gambino first appeared in the book Operai e Stato (Feltrinelli, 1972). It was translated into English and published by Red Notes in 1976 as their first pamphlet. The PDF file is in 2 parts, both about 4MB.

The transgression of a laborer: Malcom X in the wilderness of America

Italian Autonomist Ferruccio Gambino's analysis of the development of Malcolm X's thought, from prison and the factory through to the Nation of Islam, and its deviation from the traditional state-allocated path of ethnic leadership.