France against austerity

France: calls for general strike against Macron's reforms

Cuts to employer contributions, dismantling of the Code du travail (laws governing employment conditions), pensions reform: Macron’s government is there to complete the destruction of everything that workers have won. So militants in France are calling on workers to draw on the lessons of past struggles and launch a prolonged general strike to paralyse the economy.

The movement against the French pension reform, Autumn 2010

An account, analysis and critique of the 2010 movement against pension cuts in France, by RS for Sic.

Massive demonstrations and strikes in response to the French crisis

Three successive reports by Richard Greeman in late 2010 on the French anti-austerity movement, particularly the popular mobilisations against the Sarkozy government’s pension ‘reforms'.

French and Greek voters seek a way out of austerity - Adam Ford

Adam Ford discusses the recent elections in Europe.

Movement against pensions reform: to draw a lucid balance - Mouvement Communiste

Hundreds of thousands march against pension reform

Mouvement Communiste analyse the ultimately unsuccessful 2010 movement against pension reform in France.

How the French pension system works - Henri Simon

Henri Simon looks behind the pension reform demonstrations and sees discontent with politics and politicians, and with the capitalist system itself.

France, autumn 2010: The blockade of the economy as an obvious fact

Here is finally the very rough and draft translation of GCI-ICG's text about the recent class struggles in France, we published in French on November 15th. Improvements to this translation will come later and can be directly downloaded in PDF version while clicking on the title here below. Good reading... and waiting for your comments and criticism.

France - Brief Outline Of Some Of The Most Recent Events

"On strike" - no classes today - no class society tomorrow

Though the international mainstream media presents France as having returned to peace and tranquility, with the oil depots, petrol stations, refineries and tankers all returning to normality, functioning according to the law of value, bourgeois reality is still being contested in different forms.

Three new translations in English of leaflets from the current struggles in France

Here are three documents we translated in English and that seem to us to be important. We would like to apologize for the mistakes in translations, which sometimes sound as “Frenglish”, but it’s the concern for internationalism that prevails.

France - How many bridges have we got to cross before we get to beat the boss?

How many bridges have we got to cross before we get to beat the boss?

Today is the 5th 24-hour not-so General Strike in France since September 7th. The refineries have returned to work, often under the pressure of "Work or prison", a wonderful choice resignedly accepted by the unions and by the workers resigned to the union form. Likewise the oil depot bockades have been dismantled with the help of the forces of disorder.