Bouyé, Henri, 1912-1999

Henri Bouyé

A short biography of Henri Bouyé, who kept the French anarchist movement going throughout World War II and rebuilt the movement following the war.

Bourgeois, Guy, 1926-2004

Guy Bourgeois in the 1950s

A short biography of Guy Bourgeois, French anarchist and anti-colonialist who fought with the resistance during World War 2.

Malaquais, Jean, 1908-1998

Jean Malaquais.

A biography of the writer, communist, and "stateless person", Jean Malaquais.

Biard, Roland, 1942-1998


A short biography of French anarchist militant and historian, Roland Biard.

Melinand, Gerard, 1952-2000


A biography of French anarchist print worker and militant Gerard Melinand.

Mitev, Todor 'Tocho', 1926-2002

Todor Mitev

A short biography of Bulgarian anarchist and doctor Todor 'Tocho' Mitev who fled Bulgaria after refusing to be a police spy, and eventually settled in France.

Nedelec, André, 1926-2000

André Nedelec

A short biography of French anarchist and factory militant André Nedelec.

Castoriadis, Cornelius, 1922-1997

Cornelius Castoriadis

A short account of the life and politics of Greek libertarian socialist Cornelius Castoriadis.

Durou, Gilles, 1954-2003

Gilles Durou

A short biography of French libertarian communist Gilles Durou.

Faure, Sébastien, 1858-1942

Sébastien Faure

A short biography of French anarchist a writer, Sébastien Faure.