Frank Little

1909: Missoula Free Speech Fight

History of the first free speech fight conducted by the IWW.

Uncovering the little-known life of Frank Little

A review by Juan Conatz of Always on Strike: Frank Little and the Western Wobblies.

The man that was hung

A 1917 article from the International Socialist Review about the murder of Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) organizer, Frank Little. We do not approve of the offensive reference to Native Americans but reproduce this text in its entirety for historical accuracy.

The One Big Union Monthly (August 1937)

The August 1937 issue of IWW journal The One Big Union Monthly with articles on anti-union violence, the Spanish Civil War and capitalist planning. Contributors include Arthur Hopkins, Covington Hall, Frank Little, Paul Kolinsky, Paul Mattick and Walter Pfeffer.