Fredy Perlman

Letters of insurgents - Fredy Perlman

1976 novel by Fredy Perlman, written as fictional letters between two Eastern European workers, Yarostan Vochek and Sophie Nachalo, who are separated after a failed revolution. Yarostan spends twelve years in statist jails, while Sophie escapes to the West. After twenty years without contact, they begin to write each other about their experiences, their lives, their hopes, and their memories of the past.

Yarostan’s first letter

Dear Sophia,

Chicago 1968

A history and analysis of the Yippie Festival of Life and the clashes with the police that occurred in Chicago 1968 during the Democratic National Convention.


The whole thing started at the end of last year, when some “kids with hair” founded the Youth International Party (which made them YIPpies), decided to run a pig for the presidency of the United States of America, and began to prepare a Festival of Life as a response to the Democratic Party’s Convention of Death in Chicago.

Reprodukcija svakodnevnog života - Fredi Perlman

repro of daily life cover

Perlman's "Reproduction of Daily Life" in Serbo-Croat (as some of us still call it).

Reprodukcija svakodnevnog života

Birth of a revolutionary movement in Yugoslavia - Fredy Perlman

Cover, Birth of a Revolutionary Movement in Yugoslavia

1969 pamphlet by Fredy Perlman on the beginnings of the 1968 revolutionary movement in Yugoslavia.

"Heretics are always more dangerous than enemies," concluded a Yugoslav philosopher after analyzing the repression of Marxist intellectuals by the Marxist regime of Poland. (S. Stojanovic, in Student, Belgrade, April 9, 1968, p. 7.)

Review: Letters of Insurgents - Fredy Perlman

Freddy Perlman's Letters Of Insurgents is a thoroughly brilliant story about anarchist ideas. It takes the form of fictional letters between two eastern european workers who were separated after a failed revolution; one spent twelve years in statist jails, the other escaped to the west.

Yarostan and Sophia work in a factory in eastern Europe. They live, argue and take action. The workers rebel, a general strike, an armed uprising, They rule at the streets and in the factory, argue about the future, for a moment the world belongs to them. But soon there is a new government, a workers government, a new army, a red army.

Fredy Perlman's views on the Situationists' membership criteria

Fredy Perlman

Perlman's reaction to his former friends - whose 'break' with him was an attempt to prove their ideological conformity as a necessary condition of entrance into the Situationist International.

...Militants from Europe also visited us in Kalamazoo. One of them, Roger Gregoire, stayed with us for several months, working with Fredy on an account and evaluation of experiences the two had shared in May and June 1968 while members of the Citroen Worker-Student Action Committee.

Ozimandias - Review: Against His-story! Against Leviathan! by Fredy Perlman - Wildcat (UK)

Review: Against His-story! Against Leviathan! by Fredy Perlman, Black & Red, Detroit 1983.

Against His-story! is an attempt to take opposition to Progress to its logical conclusion. So is this belated review.

Perlman summarises the whole history of Civilisation from the viewpoint of its victims: we, the "zeks", free people who were enslaved then taught to identify with the enslaving monster: Leviathan.



The fetish speaks! - Marx and Perlman

Fredy Perlman, Detroit Printing Co-op, 1970s

Marx spoke of the commodity - now the commodity speaks of Marx (and itself). PDF of illustrated quotations from 'Capital'.

First printed in Black & Red No. 5 January 1969. Reprinted as a fold-out concertina leaflet by Black & Red, Detroit, 1973.

Commodity fetishism - Fredy Perlman

Fredy Perlman's 1968 Introduction to I.I. Rubin's "Essays on Marx's Theory of Value", Black Rose Books, Montreal, 1973.


The reproduction of daily life - Fredy Perlman - Treason pamphlet

Fredy Perlman's pamphlet of working class economics, as compiled by Treason Press, February 2004.

Originally published 1969

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