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If you are in any doubt as to the extent of the state’s control freakery and paranoia, then you need not be any longer.

It's not just the tuition fees....

A brief look at privatisation and outsourcing in higher education.

Anarchy in action - Colin Ward

Anarchy in action - Colin Ward

Colin Ward on how people organise themselves in human societies, and how this demonstrates the viability of anarchist ideas.

Mr. Benn's wage slavery

2nd Viscount Stansgate

A Freedom artice dated 7th December 1974 criticising Tony Benn's support for workers' co-operatives. Taken from The State Is Your Enemy: Selections From Freedom 1965-86.

Neither nationalisation nor privatisation 1945-1950: An anarchist approach

This volume is one of a set which celebrates the Freedom Press Centenary by reprinting articles from anarchist journals published by the press between October 1886 and October 1986. Neither Nationalisation Nor Privatisation demonstrates the anarchist stand against the postwar Labour Policies of industrial politicking by articles from Freedom 1945 - 1950. The ironies of popular capitalism that are now proceeding should make this illumination of the onset of the state monopolies a sparkling read for today.

The anarchist sociology of federalism

Ward fleshes out the history and relevance of federalism as such, "The actual evolution of the political left in the twentieth century has dismissed their legacy as irrelevant. So much the worse for the left, since the road has been emptied in favour of the political right, which has been able to set out its own agenda for both federalism and regionalism. Let us listen, just for a few minutes, to these anarchist precursors."

Anarchism as a theory of organisation

Colin Ward fleshes out his mutualist vision of how anarchist organisation should function, which owes a big debt to the ideas of Kropotkin.

Invitation to a public meeting on Freedom Press

To whom it may concern,

As you may or may not have already heard, Freedom Press is in some difficulty, both financial and in terms of volunteer labour – basically we need you.

Stop the City 1984

The current Occupy Stock Exchange London protest camped out by St Paul's is the latest in a long line of actions targeting the financial centre of London. In 1983-84 the area was the focus for a series of one day Stop the City protests. The first of these took place in September 1983 and was followed by a bigger one in March 1984. The protest in September 1984 was also substantial, but by then the police had got wise to the tactic and were more successful at imposing control through mass arrests. History is Made at Night took part in both of the 1984 events...


Hey there. I am the Croydonian Anarchist. This blog will be focusing around any political goings on at my sixth form that I attend (I'm in the second year, and just about to turn 18) which I will be reporting on as they happen from a critical anarchist and/or anarchist communist perspective. I may also post about education issues in general. But before I start I thought I would include an article I did for Freedom newspaper a couple of months ago that talks about how I got into anarchism to give you a bit of background info about myself personally