Gate Gourmet

Preface to book on the German Gate Gourmet dispute, 2005

Preface of a book on the dispute at airport catering firm Gate Gourmet in 2005 by German group Flying Picket.

Gate Gourmet: " the taste for it" - Prol-Position introduction

Temp work at Gate Gourmet Germany, 2007

Prol-Position on agency work at catering firm Gate Gourmet in Germany in 2007, following the strike of 2005-6.

The Company

France: Airport catering workers demonstrate

LSG-Gate-Gourmet workers threatened with dismissal as the management attempt to wind the company up demonstrated on Wednesday 4 April.

Many of the 853 workers facing the sack protested outside the company offices before moving to Roissy airport where they protested at the Lufthansa check-in desks, Lufthansa is the former owner of LSG.

Spread Cheese against Scabs - Picket line account from German Gate Gourmet strike, 2005

First person account of a picket line in November 2005 after 43 days of strike against catering firm Gate Gourmet in Germany.

Strike at Gate Gourmet in Düsseldorf, 2005

Article from November 2005 with updates on the strike against catering firm Gate Gourmet in Germany.

Workers' struggle at Gate Gourmet is getting harder

Article from February 2006 about German workers' struggle against airport catering firm Gate Gourmet.

Union pays ‘hush money’ over Gate Gourmet wildcat

Two T&G union shop stewards who were sacked by Gate Gourmet over the unofficial walkout at the airline caterers in August last year have reportedly been paid £600,000 to remain silent about union involvement.

Mark Fisher and Pat Breslin were allegedly following union orders when they helped organise the wildcat strike – which if proved true would make the union open to legal action by employers to recover the £42 million losses caused by the action.

BA sack second solidarity striker

British Airways has sacked a second worker for taking part in the wildcat strike which paralysed the airline's Heathrow operations last summer.

The Daily Telegraph reported the move, which follows the dismissal of another employee on the same grounds last month. BA said the pair had been 'found guilty of gross misconduct for playing leading roles in orchestrating unballotted and illegal industrial action,' according to the Telegraph.

A view from inside the Gate Gourmet dispute

Corporate Watch presents an interview with Mrs Kaur, one of the striking workers at airline catering company Gate Gourmet. Mrs Kaur has worked at Gate Gourmet for over six and a half years.

Have conditions changed over the past few years?

Gate Gourmet dispute costs BA £35-£45m

British Airways has estimated that this summer's Gate Gourmet staff dispute cost it between £35m and £45m.

The dispute is still continuing, with redundancy offers being attached to a number of conditions. The T&G bureaucracy is likely to broker a deal that will not be in the interests of the workers.

Baggage handlers launched a wildcat strike in solidarity with the catering workers. Releasing its results for the three months to 30 September, BA saw its pre-tax profit fall 18% to £241m.