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General strike!

If there’s one thing, politically, that I want to happen in 2014 it’s for leftists to drop the demand for a 24 hour general strike from above and start building for an all out general strike from below.

First, let’s get this clear: the TUC is not going to call a general strike of any kind.

Images from 1946 Rochester general strike

Pictures from the 1946 Rochester, New York general strike, which happened in response to the mass firings of city workers attempting to organize a union. Pictures originally posted at Rochester Labor.

Images from 1946 Oakland general strike

Images from the 1946 Oakland general strike. Mostly taken from the University of California-Berkeley's online archive.

Forgotten revolution: Limerick soviet, 1919 - Liam Cahill

Historian Liam Cahill's look at the 1919 Limerick soviet and the conditions in which it was created.

The dock workers strike and San Francisco general strike, 1934 - Jeremy Brecher

Silent funeral procession for workers killed by police, San Francisco, 1934

Jeremy Brecher's history of the 1934 strike of dock workers and the San Francisco general strike it sparked, against casual hiring methods on the docks, which was bitterly opposed by employers, the state and the unions.

Reanimating Histories of Struggle as Weapons against Neoliberalism – An Interview with Don Kingsbury

Summary: Reflecting on the building occupations at UC Santa Cruz in 2009-2010 and cross-pollination between student and worker struggles, Don Kingsbury highlights the need to excavate and reanimate histories of radical movements. Under the conditions of academic precarity, and against the neoliberal privatization of the general intellect, Don calls for turning communities of necessity into communities of resistance.

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CW: Could you tell me a bit about your political background, particularly in relation to university organizing?

Strikes that give the impression we are winning - Miguel Amorós

In this transcript of a lecture delivered in 2008, Miguel Amorós examines economic and political trends since 1988 and their impact on the diminished ranks of the unionized working class, the meaning of the general strikes that took place in Europe during that period, the nostalgia for the welfare state that inspires the “aristocracy of labor”, and the ominous emergence of large numbers of surplus proletarians, lacking any kind of bonds or relations with one another, with nothing in common except their way of life as “the typical individuals of mass society, isolated, amorphous and manipulable” and their superfluity with regard to the process of production.

Strikes That Give the Impression We Are Winning – Miguel Amorós

“Victory over foreigners calls for praise, victory over Greeks for mourning.” (Gorgias)

100 Years Ago: The Philadelphia dockers strike and Local 8 of the IWW - Mouvement Communiste and Kolektivně proti Kapitălu

cartoon from IWW leaflet - "hold fast, buddie, we got 'em"

A text published to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of an important strike launched by the IWW on the Philadelphia docks, analysing both the strengths and weaknesses of the IWW at the time.

Also made available as PDF and MOBI (Kindle) files.

100 Years ago: the Philadelphia dockers strike and Local 8 of the IWW


Exactly a hundred years ago, on 14 May 1913, the victorious strike of the 4,000 Philadelphia dockers (who dealt with international traffic) began. It finished on 28 May 1913.

The Seattle general strike, 1919 - Jeremy Brecher

Jeremy Brecher's historical account of the general strike and takeover of the city by workers in Seattle in 1919.

Radical America #06.02: Alternative education project, Mar.-Apr. 1972

Constituent articles:

- Introduction
- The textile industry keel of southern industrialization (Boyte, Harry)
- Radicalization of Quebec trade unions (Black Rose Books Editorial Collective)
- The general strike (Chartrand, Michel)
- Reflections on organizing (Truth, Sojourner)
- Factory songs of Mr. Toad (Glaberman, Martin)
- Work in America the rubber factory (George, Ed Paul, Jeff)