general strikes

Oakland on Strike!

Mike King and George Ciccariello-Maher's account of the two days spanning the forced removal of Occupy Oakland protesters and the general assembly which saw the passing of a proposal for a citywide general strike.

From Arab spring to Israeli summer

Young people are demanding affordable housing

Adam Ford writes on the wave of protest sweeping across Israel, where hundreds of thousands of people are standing up to high rents and low wages.

Hungary '56: "the proletariat storming heaven" - Mouvement Communiste

Workers' brass band in demo, Hungary '56

Mouvement Communiste’s analysis of the Hungary ’56 workers’ uprising. Stresses the importance of the collective actions taken by workers at the point of production and critically examines the demands and programmes that they put forward.

Preliminary notes towards an account of the "movement of popular assemblies" - TPTG

No kettle, no snare: assault & battery, Syntagma Square.

The movement of the assemblies in the squares started completely unexpectedly on the 25th of May in Athens. It’s unclear which was the initial group of people that took the initiative to post a call for a rally in Syntagma square on Facebook to express their “indignation” and anger at the government’s austerity measures. It seems though that some people around a political group influenced by the later Castoriadis’ democratic ideology were involved among others in that initiative.

Greece: 2nd Day of General Strike 29/6 - Unprecedented Police Brutality at Syntagma Square

A timeline account of the day. Relentless riot police attacks with teargas, physical violence and even rocks. Hundreds of injured demonstrators. Square raided but not evacuated.

The General Strike - Bill Haywood

Summary of a speech made in New York City on March 16, 1911 by IWW organizer 'Big' Bill Haywood.

The general strike - Ralph Chaplin

IWW demonstration, New York, 1914.

Classic IWW pamphlet outlining the philosophy and practical activity of the IWW and their belief in the greatest weapon of the working class, the general strike.

Greece: New general strike against austerity

Today, 11 May as senior EU and IMF inspectors arrive in Athens, across the country workers have walked out yet again against austerity measures.

Wisconsin's lost strike moment

An analysis of the shortcomings of the movement in Wisconsin. While we do not agree with all of its content or conclusions, we reproduce it here for reference.

The Industrial Workers of the World in the Seattle general strike - Colin M. Anderson

An attempt to find out the IWW's actual involvement in the Seattle General Strike of 1919, which has been hampered by myths caused by the capitalist press and AFL union leaders of the time.