general strikes

The general strike - Ralph Chaplin

IWW demonstration, New York, 1914.

Classic IWW pamphlet outlining the philosophy and practical activity of the IWW and their belief in the greatest weapon of the working class, the general strike.


Greece: New general strike against austerity

Today, 11 May as senior EU and IMF inspectors arrive in Athens, across the country workers have walked out yet again against austerity measures.

The inspectors will determine whether Greece will get a fifth aid tranche from the €110bn bail-out that saved it from bankruptcy last year and whether Athens should be given improved loan terms or more aid to avoid debt restructuring.

Wisconsin's lost strike moment

An analysis of the shortcomings of the movement in Wisconsin. While we do not agree with all of its content or conclusions, we reproduce it here for reference.

Two months into the Wisconsin Uprising a movement still exists, but where it goes from here is unclear. The so-called Budget Repair Bill that will end collective bargaining rights for most public employees in Wisconsin is currently tied up in the courts. Legal challenges will likely go on for several months, maybe longer.

The Industrial Workers of the World in the Seattle general strike - Colin M. Anderson

An attempt to find out the IWW's actual involvement in the Seattle General Strike of 1919, which has been hampered by myths caused by the capitalist press and AFL union leaders of the time.

The Seattle General Strike is an event very important in the history of the Pacific Northwest. On February 6, 1919 Seattle workers became the first workers in United States history to participate in an official general strike. Many people know little, if anything, about the strike, however.

Wisconsin: South Central Federation of Labor's general strike packet

The general strike packet that the education committee of the South Central Federation of Labor distributed to its affliate unions in Wisconsin.

Taken from

March 9, 2011

TO: All Affiliates of the South Central Federation of Labor

FROM: JimCavanaugh,President

SUBJECT: SCFL Motions on the General Strike and the Governor’s Budget Repair Bill

To All the Working People – Call for De-Nuke General strike - Fissures

This is a call out from the Committee for a De-Nuke General Strike in Japan.

I can’t cope OH OH I can’t cope, Anymore……

Kill the Bill: The Power of a General Strike

Pamphlet produced by the Madison IWW advocating a general strike to fight the Governor of Wisconsin's proposed bill that would end collective bargaining rights to public sector workers.

What Do We Face?

Wisconsin – Next Stop, the General Strike!

John E Jacobson gives a summary of the movement against Gov Walker's attack on pay, conditions and collective bargaining for state workers in Wisconsin and argues support for a general strike.

“This has been a life experience we will never forget. I feel like all of these people are family.”

Union Supporter and protester, Neporsha Hamlin, of Madison, WI.

The British Worker - general strike newspaper, 1926

Online archive of The British Worker, the daily newspaper published by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) during the 10 day general strike of 1926.

The paper ran for 11 issues between 5 May and 17 May 1926.

The Sidi Bouzid revolution: Ben Ali flees as protests spread in Tunisia

Friday 14 January 2011 -- After a dramatic 24 hours when Tunisia's dictator president Ben Ali first tried promising liberalisation and an end to police shootings of demonstrators and then, this evening at 16:00, declaring martial law, he has finally fallen from office. While the rumours are still swirling, one thing is clear, Ben Ali has left Tunisia and the army has stepped in. The comments after this article contain continuous updates of the uprising.

The day began with a mass demonstration called by Tunisia's trade union federation, the UGTT, in the capital Tunis. Between 10 and 15,000 people demonstrated outside the Ministry of the Interior.