Georg Lukacs

The never-ending Lukács debate - G.M. Tamás

On January 25th 2017, the Budapest City Council decided to remove the statue of Georg Lukács from a park in the city’s 13th district. Here, Hungarian marxist and philosopher G. M. Tamás comments on the significance of the gesture.

Marxism and materialism - David-Hillel Ruben

Marxism and materialism - David-Hillel Ruben

A Study in Marxist Theory of Knowledge. 1979 (2nd edition)

Velha e nova cultura - György Lukács

Texto de 1920 que analisa a cultura na sociedade capitalista. Analisa como a arte se separou da atividade produtiva cotidiana dos seres humanos sob a forma de produtos que não são mais produzidos e avaliados em razão de seu valor intrínseco (por exemplo, valor ético, valor artístico, valor humano, alegria), mas pelo seu valor de troca no mercado; de como isso aparece como "modas"; e de como, no comunismo, com o fim da economia, os seres humanos, suas atividades, seus produtos e seus desfrutes se tornam fins válidos por si sós.

G. Lukács and his theory of "reification" - Israel Weinstein

Вайнштейн, Израиль Яковлевич

Weinstein, Israel 1924, 'G. Lukacs i ego teorija "obeschestvlenija"', Pod znamenem marksizma, 3, 10-11: 23-31. Updated translation.

Tactics and Ethics: 1919–1929 - Georg Lukács

'Tactics and Ethics' collects Georg Lukács’s articles from the most politically active time of his life, a period encompassing his stint as deputy commissar of education in the Hungarian Soviet Republic. Including his famed essay on parliamentarianism—which earned Lukács the respectful yet severe criticism of Lenin—this book is a treasure chest of valuable insights from one of history’s great political philosophers.

Ideology and Superstructure in Historical Materialism - Franz Jakubowski

Apparently freely available online for the first time here, this 1930s book is far less well known than its subject matter. With an admirable clarity of style, Jakubowski provides a summary of the main themes of Lukacs' History and Class Consciousness and Korschs' Marxism and Philosophy (Korsch was a personal friend of Jakubowski.)