Fascism and Football

A documentary on how the Fascist regimes of Spain, Italy and Germany made football an important pillar of their propaganda and the lengths they went to in order to control the sport both domestically and internationally.

Radical America #19.05: Germany Left and Right

Constituent Items:

Preface: Germany, anti-semitism, and the left
Bitburg May 5, 1985 and after, a letter to the West German Left (Postone, Moishe)
Rainer Werner Fassbinder's "Trash, The City, and Death" when allegory becomes metaphor (Benhabib, Seyla)
Theses on Gassbinder, anti-semitism, and Germany a Franfurt autumn, 1985 (Postone, Moishe)

Radical America #17.01: The Greens

Constituent Items:

The Greens, anti-militarism and the global crisis (Boggs, Carl)
The Greens ecology and the promise of radical democracy (Ely, John)
Letter from East German women voices for peace in the G.D.R.
Pictures of the homeland the legacy of Howard Fast (Wald, Alan)
Eyewitness in Gaza (Shlansky, Ur)

Two Ruhr anarchists

A brief account of the lives of Stefan Hellman and Heinrich Hellmann, two anarchists active in the Ruhr

Stefan Bellmann

Slaughterhouse-five - Kurt Vonnegut

Film adaptation directed by George Roy Hill

Vonnegut's darkly humourous novel recounting the story of an ill-prepared soldier and the grim reality of the Second World War.

A fourth-generation German-American
now living in easy circumstances
on Cape Cod
[and smoking too much],
who, as an American infantry scout
hors de combat,
as a prisoner of war,
witnessed the fire-bombing of Dresden, Germany,
'The Florence of the Elbe,'
a long time ago,
and survived to tell the tale.
This is a novel
somewhat in the telegraphic schizophrenic
manner of tales

Economic euthanasia - Robert Kurz

A short article on the crisis of health care under capitalism in crisis by Robert Kurz.

Economic Euthanasia – Robert Kurz

The heyday of corruption and the end of corporatism - Robert Kurz

A short article by Robert Kurz on corporate corruption in the context of the decline of “corporatism”, with particular reference to Germany and the trade unions, the Works Committees and the Siemens scandal.

The more fictitious and speculative the capitalist valorization process becomes, the more brazenly corruption flourishes. If necessary, one eats a greasy sausage without any bread. Dietary recommendations are useless, because everything ends up the same; if they catch you, that is your bad luck.

Jerry building: Unholy relics of Nazi Germany - Jonathan Meades

Nazi eagle turned to rubble

Jonathan Meades documentary on the role of architecture and urban planning in entrenching the Nazi regime and perpetuating its ideology.

Filmed in 1994 this documentary analyses how the Nazi party used buildings as a crucial part of its project to build a new society. Going beyond the obvious obligatory Swastika's and explicitly propagandistic statues and murals to the very brickwork from holiday camps to the schools that trained doctors who would carry out experiments in the extermination camps.

The peasants war in Germany 1525-1526 - Ernest Belfort Bax

Belfort Bax's 1899 history of the peasants war in Germany: the largest popular uprising in Europe besides the French revolution.

The liberation of society from the state: What is communist anarchism? - Erich Mühsam

An introduction to anarchist commmunism by German anarchist Erich Mühsam.