Germany: Metal workers strike for higher wages

Metal workers in Germany participated in a one-day strike on Thursday to push for an 8% wage hike.

Theses on the role of the party in the proletarian revolution - KAPD

The KAPD’s Theses on the Party were written in July 1921 to be discussed not only in the party but within the Communist International.

Berner, Rudolf, 1907-1977

A short biography of Swedish anarchist Rudolf Berner, active in Spain and in underground work in Nazi Germany.

Eisenhauer, Theodor, 1845-1882

A short biography of Theodor Eisenhauer, a pioneer of the anarchist movement in Germany.

Pfemfert, Franz aka Und Gaday 1879-1954

Franz Pfemfert

A short biography of Franz Pfemfert, revolutionary, publisher, editor of Die Aktion

Texidor, Greville, 1902- 1964 and Werner Droescher 1911-1978

Werner Droescher

Short biographies of Greville Texidor and Werner Droescher who both fought with the Spanish anarchist militias.

Schwab, Alexander aka Sachs, 1887 -1943

A short biography of council communist and organiser of underground networks, Alexander Schwab, who died in a Nazi concentration camp.

Weiland, Alfred, 1906-1978

Alfred Weiland

A short biography of council communist, organiser of underground network, Alfred Weiland, kidnapped by the East German state in the post war period

Götze, Ferdinand 'Nante', 1907-1985

A short biography of German anarcho-syndicalist, Ferdinand Götze, who was also active in Sweden and Spain.

Götze, Anna, 1875-1958

A short biography of anarchist and German revolutionary Anna Götze.