Stirner, Feurbach, Marx and the Young Hegelians - David McLellan

A summary of Stirner's ideas and their strong impact on his fellow Young Hegelians. McLellan asserts that Stirner's influence on Marx has been under-estimated and that he "played a very important role in the development of Marx's thought by detaching him from the influence of Feuerbach", his static materialism and his abstract humanism. Stirner's critique of communism (which Marx considered a caricature) also obliged Marx to refine his own definition. Stirner's concept of the "creative ego" is also said to have influenced Marx's concept of "praxis".

Wildcat strike at German car part manufacturer

Workers at Karmann in Osnabrueck

Workers at car parts manufacturer Karmann have walked out after being informed of 1400 job cuts no redundancy pay.

The struggle against unemployment begins at the work-place

Leaflet about the credit crisis, its impact on workers and how workers can respond to it being distributed outside factories in Germany.

The Baader Meinhof Complex, directed by Uli Edel

This new German blockbuster adopts a relatively neutral view of 1970s urban guerilla group the RAF
Propaganda of the Oedipal Deed. Film review – Tom Jennings

Wildcat strikes hit three German Airbus plants

Staff at three Airbus plants in Germany staged wildcat strikes Thursday over plans by the European jet maker to spin off the factories into a new subsidiary.

Germany: high school students strike

High School students struck and marched across Germany yesterday in protest against classroom overcrowding, lack of teachers, and the pressure of examinations.

Strikes hit German car industry

8,000 workers launched a series of co-ordinated strikes at automobile and electronics companies as it and employers spar over wage increases.

Anti-semitism and National Socialism - Moishe Postone

Auschwitz, image wikipedia

No functionalist explanation of the Holocaust and no scapegoat theory of anti-Semitism can even begin to explain why, in the last years of the war, when the German forces were being crushed by the Red Army, a significant proportion of vehicles was deflected from logistical support and used to transport Jews to the gas chambers. The specificity of the Holocaust requires a much more determinate mediation in order even to approach its understanding.

Lufthansa strike ends

Lufthansa and its main union on Friday ended a five-day strike that disrupted air traffic in Germany and highlighted the pressure for higher wages in Europe amid lofty energy and food prices.

Lufthansa workers strike in Frankfurt and Hamburg

A walkout mouse paralyzed the Monday operations of Lufthansa AG in Frankfurt and Hamburg after airline officials and unionized workers deadlocked over salary increase negotiations.