Protests against welfare-reform in Germany, 2004

Account an analysis of struggles against the abolition of unemployment benefits in Germany, which would immediately affect 600,000 people.

VW cut wages and lengthen hours in Germany, 2005

Analysis of wage policies at VW in Germany.

New wage-model at VW, Germany, 2004

Article analysing new wage structures for 5,000 new manufacturing jobs at Volkswagen in Germany.

One week wildcat strike at General Motors/Opel in Bochum, 2004

Extensive background information and analysis, and an account of a wildcat strike of Opel/GM car workers in Germany.

Study on temp-work in German car industry, 2006

A recent study on temp work in the German automobile industry reveals that the companies in this sector try to hide the fact that they employ temp-workers.

Temp-work does not appear in most of the companies annual economic reports, although 86 per cent of automobile companies make use of it. Apart from temporary contracts (normally limited to half a year), in the car sector temp work is the only other mode of hiring new people.

Strike at Gate Gourmet in Düsseldorf, 2005

Article from November 2005 with updates on the strike against catering firm Gate Gourmet in Germany.

Workers' struggle at Gate Gourmet is getting harder

Article from February 2006 about German workers' struggle against airport catering firm Gate Gourmet.

Intakes: 'Rostock or: How the new Germany is being governed'

In this abridged translation of an article originally published in Wildcat (Germany), it is shown how the state is using the issue of racism to develop its 'social strategy of tension'.

The 'Intake' article this issue is taken from #60 of the German magazine Wildcat (Shiraz e.V. - Postfach 301206 - 50782 Köln), a copy of which was sent to us with the request that it be circulated.

Hoelz, Max, 1889-1933

Max Hoelz

A short biography of German communist Max Hoelz, known as the Red Robin Hood for his daring acts expropriating from the rich to distribute to workers and the unemployed.

Max Hoelz, The Red Robin Hood
Born 14 October 1889 - Moritz bei Riesa, Germany, died 15 September 1933 - Gorky, Russia

Lubbe, Marinus van der 1911-1934

Marinus van der Lubbe

A short biography of Marinus van der Lubbe, the Dutch council communist who set the Reichstag fire.

Marinus van der Lubbe Born 13 January 1911 - Leyden, Netherlands, died 10 January 1934 – Leipzig prison, Germany