Muehsam, Erich, 1878-1934

A short biography of Erich Muehsam, German poet, playwright, bohemian and anarchist revolutionary.

Airbus workers to strike across Europe against job cuts

Airbus workers in the UK

Tens of thousands of workers at Airbus are expected to walk off the job Friday (today) in a highly unusual show of Europe-wide union power against plans by the struggling aircraft manufacturer to slash 10,000 posts.

Reimers, Otto, 1902-1984


Biography of German anarchist Otto Reimers, an engineering worker who tirelessly agitated for the anarchist movement throughout the reign of the Nazi regime and into the post-war years.

Pilarski, Alfons, 1902-1977 aka Janson, aka Jan Rylski, aka Alfons Kompardt


A biography of Alfons Thomasz Pilarski, a German anarcho-syndicalist who took part in the German and Polish anarchist and anti-nazi movements.

Dave, Victor, 1845-1922


Biography of a Belgian radical, imprisoned in Germany and militant within the proofreaders' union.

Berlin squatted community space under attack

Koepi 137

The Köpi, a legalised squat and cultural center in Berlin, has been under attack from political and police forces for some time - as are many other such spaces in Berlin's "New Mitte."

Introduction to debate on the new 'under classes' - Wildcat Germany

Workers protest against welfare reform

Having a historical look at labour migration and welfare policies in Germany, Wildcat criticises the current attempt of those in power in Germany to create an image of the dangerous under-classes as opposed to the class of decent working people.

Cologne: occupation of the Barmer Block housing estate, 2006 - Wildcat

Barmer Block

Text published in Wildcat in summer 2006 reporting on the internal dynamics of a major housing estate occupation in Cologne in Spring 2006.

German airline hit by wildcat strike

Workers at Condor Berlin last week walked out for four hours in an unofficial strike against a new work schedule.