Anti-semitism and National Socialism - Moishe Postone

Auschwitz, image wikipedia

No functionalist explanation of the Holocaust and no scapegoat theory of anti-Semitism can even begin to explain why, in the last years of the war, when the German forces were being crushed by the Red Army, a significant proportion of vehicles was deflected from logistical support and used to transport Jews to the gas chambers. The specificity of the Holocaust requires a much more determinate mediation in order even to approach its understanding.

Lufthansa strike ends

Lufthansa and its main union on Friday ended a five-day strike that disrupted air traffic in Germany and highlighted the pressure for higher wages in Europe amid lofty energy and food prices.

Lufthansa workers strike in Frankfurt and Hamburg

A walkout mouse paralyzed the Monday operations of Lufthansa AG in Frankfurt and Hamburg after airline officials and unionized workers deadlocked over salary increase negotiations.

Werner, Wilhelm (1859-1939) aka The Elephant

A short biography of Wilhelm Werner, one of the pioneers of German anarchism.

Federn, Marietta aka Etta 1883- 1951

Etta Federn

A short biography of Etta Federn, Austrian litterateur, anarchist and educationalist.

Nowak, Franz (1983-1945) aka Zigeuner (Gypsy)

A short biography of Franz Nowak, German anarchist murdered by the Nazis

Czakon, Paul (1896-1952) aka Max aka Maximo Mas

A short biography of Paul Czakon, anarchist active in Upper Silesia who fought in Spain.

Huppertz, Willy 1904-1978

A short biography of Willy Huppertz, who kept alive the flame of German anarchism.

Kater, Fritz (1861 - 1945)

A short biography of Fritz Kater, important figure within FVdG and FAUD in Germany.

Roche, Karl (1862-1931) aka KR aka Isegrim aka Diogenes

A short biography of Karl Roche, leading light within the revolutionary German workers movement.