Wolf, Enno (1903 -1939/1940?)

A short biography of Enno Wolf, German anarchist who perished in the Nazi concentration camps

Hannibal, Hermann 1898-1963

A short biography of Hermann Hannibal, blacksmith and member of the FAUD, imprisoned by the Nazis in Sachsenhausen concentration camp

Bartling, Heinrich 1880-1940

Short biography of Heinrich Bartling, German anarchist active in the FAUD and FKAD and martyred by the Nazis.

Paul, Willi, 1897-1979

A short biography of Willi Paul, lifelong anarchist militant, active in the Anarchist-Communist Federation of Germany (FKAD) and the Spanish Civil War.

The Foreign Legion of the revolution: German anarcho-syndicalist and volunteers in anarchist militias during the Spanish civil war - Dieter Nelles

German CNT members in French detention camp, 1939.

Interesting article focusing on the activity of exiled German anarcho-syndicalists in Spain, both in the lead up to and during the Civil War and Revolution of 1936.

Germany; public sector 'warning' strikes begin today

Thousands of workers have participated in short nationwide strikes called by services union ver.di; described as 'token' or 'warning' strikes, they are in response to a deadlock in pay negotiations.

Germany: Metal workers strike for higher wages

Metal workers in Germany participated in a one-day strike on Thursday to push for an 8% wage hike.

Theses on the role of the party in the proletarian revolution - KAPD

The KAPD’s Theses on the Party were written in July 1921 to be discussed not only in the party but within the Communist International.

Berner, Rudolf, 1907-1977

A short biography of Swedish anarchist Rudolf Berner, active in Spain and in underground work in Nazi Germany.

Eisenhauer, Theodor, 1845-1882

A short biography of Theodor Eisenhauer, a pioneer of the anarchist movement in Germany.