Syndicalism and anarcho-syndicalism in Germany

FAUD - anarcho-syndikalisten

The following text comprises an introduction to the development of German syndicalism from its beginnings in 1890 until the end of its organized form in the early 1960s.

Anarchism in Germany - Gustav Landauer

Gustav Landauer

Piece by Gustav Landauer, an anarchist German Jew, who was killed in the aftermath of the German Revolution in 1919.

Usinger, Georg, 1900-1990

A short biography of Georg Usinger, German anarchist active in Offenbach

Berlin Austerity Protest

Berlin -- On Friday, November 26, 2010 a demonstration against the austerity package of the federal government was held by the coalition, "We're not Paying for Your Crisis!", composed of trade unions, the Left Party, students organizations and left groups. The aim of the demonstrators was to "besiege" the Bundestag, the government building where the vote on next year's federal budget was taking place.

Report On Our Organisation. Founding Congress Of The KPD (Spartakus) — Hugo Eberlein

Hugo Eberlein's report on organisation presented to the founding Congress of the Communist Party of Germany (Spartacist league) in 1918.

Art as a weapon: Franz Seiwert and the Cologne progressives - Martyn Everett

Fig 1.  Hans Schmitz  -  Mass

An account of Franz Seiwert and the 'Cologne Progressives', a group or circle of artists who followed and participated in the radical currents around the German council communist organisations AAU and especially the AAU-E. The 'Cologne Progressives' may be the most radical group of artists ever.

Karl Marx - Karl Korsch

Left communist Karl Korsch's detailed biography of Karl Marx.

Wafner, Kurt, 1918-2007

Antifascist youth in 1935, Wafner sitting centre front row

A short biography of German anarchist Kurt Wafner.

Gültig, Karl, 1906-1992

A short biography of the German anarchosyndicalist Karl Gültig.

Ends and beginnings - Tim Mason

Notes on a paper Tim Mason was preparing in the last year of his life on Nazism. In PDF format.