The workers' councils in the theory of the Dutch-German communist left - Philippe Bourrinet

Philippe Bourrinet looks at the formation of the Dutch-German communist left, and the development of Pannekoek's theorisation of workers' councils.

Appel, Jan, 1890-1985

A short autobiography of Jan Appel, aka Jan Arndt, a German libertarian communist and shipyard worker who most famously hijacked a steam ship to Russia after the German Revolution of 1918.

Origins of the Movement for Workers' Councils in Germany

Pamphlet on the origins of the Movement for Workers' Councils in Germany, covering the 1918 revolution and its aftermath and activites and reactions of left and libertarian communists.

Fundamental principles of communist production and distribution

Putilov Factory, Petrograd

Full text of Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution, Collective work of the Group of International Communists of Holland (GIK), 1930

Autobiography of Jan Appel

German Revolution

Jan Appel, 1890-1985, was a German socialist and shipyard worker whose experience of the 1918 Revolution, after which he hijacked a steam ship to Russia, drove him out of the Communist Party.