Gilles Dauvé

Critique of the Situationist International

Gilles Dauve's analysis of both the Situationists' theoretical strengths and weaknesses.

Ideology and the Wage System

Capitalism transforms life into the money necessary for living. One tends to do any particular thing towards an end other than that implied by the content of the activity. The logic of alienation : one is an other; the wage system makes one foreign to what one does, to what one is, to other people.

Intakes: Back to the Situationist International

Critique of The Situationist International by Gilles Dauve (Jean Barrot) is one of the more important texts on the situationists.We reprint below an update to the text which is due to be published in Greek by TPTG.

In the year 2000, "society of the spectacle" has become a trendy catchphrase, not quite as famous as "class struggle" used to be, but socially more acceptable. Moreover, the SI is now obscured by its main figure, Guy Debord, who is currently portrayed as the last romantic revolutionary.

Intakes: Fascism/Anti-Fascism - Barrot Replies

'Jean Barrot' responds to our review of his influential text Fascism/Anti-fascism: 'The proletariat is not weak because it's divided: its weaknesses breed division.'

Aufheben's introduction

Review: Fascism / Anti-Fascism by Jean Barrot

Aufheben review "Fascism/Anti-Fascism" and ask does antifascism necessarily entail supporting one face of the state against another?

"Fascism/Antifascism" by Jean Barrot (a.k.a. Gilles Dauvé). Black Cat Press, Edmonton (1982). Reproduced by Unpopular Books, Box 15, 138 Kingsland High Road, London E8. [Gilles Dauvé responds to this review here]

Class war in Barcelona - Jean Barrot, 1973

The following text is the translation of a pamphlet of the group Mouvement Communiste, written in 1973 by Jean Barrot (aka Gilles Dauve), as a means of solidarity for some Spanish revolutionaries arrested in Spain facing harsh penalties.

Undercurrent #8

Eclipse and re-emergence of the communist movement - Gilles Dauvé and François Martin

A book by Francois Martin and Jean Barrot (AKA Gilles Dauve), quite influential since the 1970s in the English-speaking world of radical theory. A restatement of communist revolution as self-organised class struggle - that abolishes markets, states and classes.

Original edition published by Black and Red, Detroit 1974.

Fascism / Anti-fascism - Gilles Dauvé

Mussolini hanging

An analysis of the liberal and leftist obsessions with fascism and anti-fascism, and the role of workers in opposing it internationally.

Totalitarianism & Fascism