Gilles Dauvé

Moral Disorder & Sexual Identity - Gilles Dauvé

"When moral order and disorder meet, monsters breed. Communism however knows no monster. Most radicals have trouble understanding this." - Gilles Dauvé

Notes on Endnotes

A short summary and critical analysis of “Endnotes 1: Preliminary Materials for a Balance Sheet of the 20th Century” which "presents a discussion between two contemporary French groups on the relation between the present class relation and the failed revolutions of the 20th Century."

The debate was between Gilles Dauvé & Karl Nesic and the Theorie Communiste group and covered such issues as the conception of proletariat and communism, periodisation of struggles, historical determinism etc.

Endnotes 1 was published in October 2008.

A contribution to the critique of political autonomy - Gilles Dauvé

In a text written for a "Vår Makt" seminar - held in Malmö, Sweden on 1-2 November 2008 - Dauve surveys the various theories of democracy and their limits.