Gilles Dauvé

A contribution to the critique of political autonomy - Gilles Dauvé

In a text written for a "Vår Makt" seminar - held in Malmö, Sweden on 1-2 November 2008 - Dauve surveys the various theories of democracy and their limits.

Sex, work, and Gilles Dauvé

Django's thoughts on Gilles Dauvé's For a world without moral order.

For a world without moral order - Gilles Dauvé

Gilles Dauvé undertakes a radical critique of 'morality' and social mores and presents communism as a 'world without moral order'. We do not agree with much of it but reproduce it for reference.

Whither the world - Gilles Dauvé & Karl Nesic


Gilles Dauvé & Karl Nesic of the Troploin journal discuss the changing nature of capitalism and class struggle in the globalised 'post-Fordist' era.