Boredom Weeps: Graffiti, curses, inscriptions of May 1968

A book of graffiti and sloganeering from the events in France, May '68.

No whites allowed after 8pm? Behind the media circus of Birmingham’s ‘no-go’ areas

On 17 August, numerous national newspapers and news websites, published a story about “racist graffiti” directed towards white people in Saltley, a majority Pakistani area of inner-city Birmingham. The piece, originally published by the local Birmingham press, goes on to claim that this corroborates a broad trend of “white working class Brummies” fearing parts of the city had become “no-go areas” for them.

Political graffiti in Barcelona

A selection of political graffiti (of which there is loads) seen in Barcelona in 2012. Translated to the best of my ability, but corrections are welcome.

Political graffiti in Milan photo gallery, 2012

Photo gallery of radical, left-wing and anti-fascist graffiti around Milan in 2012.

Graffiti from the uprising in Cairo

"The people want the regime to fall"

Photographs of graffiti painted up during the riots.

From and Jano Charbel's blog

Art & Chaos in Brazil

interview with graffiti artist ze carratu

From The Grey Ranks: Graffiti in War & Peace in Poland

interview with tomasz sikorski, by d.s. black

Exit Through the Gift Shop: a Banksy film

This entertaining pseudo-documentary mocks contemporary art’s commercial premises as well as the mystique of individual genius. Tom Jennings laughs at, and with, Banksy.

Vandalised Conservative adverts

Graffitied and vandalised Tory billboards for the 2010 general election. At we don't support any of the political parties, but the Tories seem to be the only ones who can afford billboards this year.

Monson could face jail time

Professional MMA fighter and anarchist Jeff Monson faces potential jail time when sentenced this October in connection to a graffiti incident in November 2008.