Greece unrest

Police evict journalists from TV studio following a 5 month occupation

Greek riot police have forcibly evicted dozens of journalists from the former state TV headquarters (ERT), bringing to an end a five month occupation that started after the TV station had been taken off air, and the journalists sacked. The closure had been part of a programme of public sector job cuts to meet their austerity targets. Many of the workers had stayed behind and kept the station running with an illegal news feed via the internet.

Scuffles broke out between the journalists, their supporters, and the police. The streets around the building were cordoned off, and several rounds of tear gas were used to disperse those protesting. Four people were arrested on charges of ‘resisting the authorities’.

A spokesperson for the radio workers union said that:

Protesters storm government offices in Greece

Today scores of people protesting against austerity occupied the offices of the Greek Labour Minister. The occupation ended after two hours - following violent clashes with the police

Hundreds of supporters gathered outside the offices with banners, and chanted “We are not clients, we are workers”… this is in response to comments recently made by the minister, who claimed that the Greek social security system was founded on clientism.

Golden Dawn viciously attack Greek MP

A left wing MP was today viciously attacked at a football match between AEK Athens and Atromitos, by a group of boneheads identifying themselves as members of the fascist ‘Golden Dawn’.

Dimitris Stratoulis, of the radical left coalition (Syriza), claimed that three men approached him and said - "Stratoulis, we are members of Golden Dawn and we will kill you,'" before punching him several times to the head. Several other spectators intervened, before his assailants disappeared into the crowd. Stratoulis required first aid, before visiting the local hospital.

Remember remember the 6th of December

6th of December marked four years since the murder of 15 year old Alexis and the uprising of December 2008. On the day protests against police violence took place aross Greece.

Remember, remember the 6th of December. Four years on the police murder of 15 year-old Alexis Girgoropoulos was remembered on the streets of Greece. Almost every major city or town across Greece held a demonstration against police and state violence on the 6th December. Some of the demonstrations led to clashes with police forces and arrests.

Golden Dawn offices bombed

It would appear that Christmas has come early in Greece. Earlier today a ‘makeshift’ bomb that included dynamite exploded in the offices of the fascist ‘Golden Dawn’ in Asprogpyrgos – a suburb of Athens.

There were no casualties reported, but a huge hole was ripped through a wall, causing significant damage to both floors of the building.

A police officer who declined to be named has said that:

“The attack was most likely carried out by a far-left group. It was a powerful blast that caused a lot of damage. It looks like terrorism”.

Revolt and crisis in Greece: between a present yet to pass and a future still to come

How does a revolt come about and what does it leave behind? What impact does it have on those who participate in it and those who simply watch it? Is the Greek revolt of December 2008 confined to the shores of the Mediterranean, or are there lessons we can bring to bear on social action around the globe? Revolt and Crisis in Greece: Between a Present Yet to Pass and a Future Still to Come is a collective attempt to grapple with these questions. A collaboration between anarchist publishing collectives Occupied London and AK Press, this timely new volume traces Greece's long moment of transition from the revolt of 2008 to the economic crisis that followed.

In the essays collected here, over two dozen writers offer historical analysis of the factors that gave birth to December and the potentialities it has opened up in face of the capitalist crisis.

Greece: Molotov Attack on Police

Thessaloniki, Greece 17-11-11 During protests commemorating the 1973 fall of the military Junta, riots broke out near the Polytechnic University in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Fighting lasted for hours with police using excessive tear gas to clear the area and going into the University, an event which hasn’t occurred for 38 years, given its asylum status.

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A Baptism of Fire

Anarchists, riots, and a situation much like the one experienced here in Buenos Aires. I was quite young back then, in 2001, to take to the streets. This time, however, I was ready. Against all odds, I was going —to show support, to show solidarity, to be with the people, to talk with them. And, most importantly, to see it all first-hand.

A Baptism of Fire

Greece had been out of my radius ever since my highschool years, where we had to study the Greek Empire and its cultural legacy, its philosophers, its history.

Updates from the Greek Squares and People's Assemblies

Reports from the last week of struggle against austerity in Greece.

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Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Mayor of Athens yesterday stated that he intends to remove the 'slums' from Syntagma square. At the moment policing in the square is still low key...

Updates from the Greek Squares and People's Assemblies

There is a virtual blackout in international media about what is an escalation of popular resistance in Greece since May 25th. In Athens and numerous other cities and towns, too many to mention, there have been square occupations and daily demonstrations of up to hundreds of thousands of people. These were inspired by the square occupations in Spain, but have taken a different direction, one that favours direct democracy against parliamentary democracy and representation

This is a daily blog with the latest developments from the popular assemblies, the streets, neighbourhoods and workplaces.