Greece unrest

Greek riots eyewitness reports - 20 December 2008

Accounts and reports from Greece around the world on the dawn of the second week of unrest since Alexis' killing.

On the unrest in Greece

Commentary on the situation in Greece published by the Anarchist Federation. It was written on the 15th of December, before the extension of the town hall occupations and the occupation of the offices of the General Confederation of Greek Workers on the 17th of December.

Greek riots eyewitness reports - 19 December 2008

Accounts of Friday's demonstrations, and statements from some of the occupations by young people, women and workers.

Greek fire: from riot to social rebellion - Collective Reinventions

An overview and analysis of the recent Greek rebellion, which assesses what has been achieved and what can advance the movement.

Greek riots eyewitness reports - 18 December 2008

The days updates including a mass student demonstration in Athens and the occupation of another trade union office in Patras.

Greek riots eyewitness reports - 17 December 2008

Accounts on the mass struggle in Greece of Wednesday, including banners on the Parthenon and the occupation of the main workers union headquarters.

Greek riots eyewitness reports - 16 December 2008

Updates through Tuesday on the situation in Greece, including the occupation of the state television station and a roundup of arrests.

Workers in Greece occupy union offices

The historic central offices of the General Confederation of Greek Workers in Athens have been occupied by militant workers

Greece unrest: A letter to students, December 2008

An open letter to students by workers in Athens, against the background of the social upheaval following the police shooting of a young boy.

Greek riots eyewitness reports - 15 December 2008

Accounts of Monday's events in the second week of social upheaval following the murder of Alexis, including a leaflet by Albanian migrants.