Greece unrest

Tensions rise in Athens as nurses and students fight reforms

Tensions rise in Athens with nurses occupying Health Ministry and students clashing with riot police over unwanted educational reform

Protest march against police violence in Volos, central Greece, attacks police HQ.

Protest march against police violence two serious harassment incidents in the city of Volos attacks police HQ

New clashes with riot police in Corfu over refuse dump

New clashes between locals and riot police erupt in the south Corfu town of Lefkimi over the construction of open refuse dump.

Hunger strike ends as Greek government caves

After 18 days 7,000 prisoners in greece stop their hunger strike after the ministry of justice concedes to a series of their demands, promising to release half the country's prison population by April 2009.

5,000 prisoners on hunger strike across greece in demand for reforms

All 21 Greek prisons are in the grip of prisoners 3-stage campaign in demand of 45-point reform. As part of the protest, more than 5,000 inmates are now on hunger strike.

Barricades erected after renewed attack by riot police

Immigrants joined by local anarchists erect barricades after riot police charges once more on the asylum-paper queue outside central immigration office in Athens

Thousands march in Athens for asylum seeker killed by police

Thousands march in Athens following the coffin of Pakistani asylum seeker killed by the riot police in a wanton attack against immigrants queuing for asylum papers.

Unpaid textile workers clash with riot police in Athens

Textile workers from 4 factories of the Lanaras Industry marched in Athens to demand 4 months unpaid wages, delivery of funding promises by the state and recall of 1,200 layoffs. Efforts to enter the Ministry of Economics were met with police repression.

General strike in Greece with central protest march in Athens

A 24 hour general strike in Greece sees all public sector and large part of private sector closed as well as clashes between demonstrating strikers and riot police in Athens.

Occupied schools in Greece face repression

As the tide of secondary and high-school squats rises again across Greece, the state responds with repression