green bans

Green bans: worker control and the urban environment - Mark A Haskell

Paper by Mark A Haskell on the boycotts by Australian construction workers of environmentally destructive projects in the 1970s.

1971-1974: Green bans by builders in Australia

Kelly's Bush

A history of the massive campaign of industrial action by building workers which protected the environment and local communities by enacting green bans - refusals to work on harmful construction projects.

The bans prevented billions of dollars of development over 4 years, until the campaign was halted by the union leadership.

1971: The Kelly's Bush green ban


A short account of how construction workers saved the Kelly's Bush area of park land in Australia from development by refusing to work, and kick-started a movement of environmentally-minded industrial action.

In 1971 a group of women from the fashionable suburb of Hunter's Hill in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, were trying to save Kelly's Bush, the last remaining open space in that area. Construction firm AV Jennings planned to build luxury houses over the bush land.