The way the wind blew: A history of the Weather Underground

Weather Underground member mugshots

A detailed history of the US left-wing urban guerrilla group the Weather Underground, or Weathermen.

Communique for the bombing of the Athens Stock Exchange

A communique by Revolutionary Struggle, a Greek anarchist militant group after the bombing of the Athens Stock Exchange.

This Is Not A Love Story: Armed Struggle Against The Institutions Of Patriarchy

Feminist writings by Canadian anarchist guerillas Ann Henson and Julie Belmas.

Armed joy - Alfredo Bonanno

Italian insurrectionary anarchist Alfredo Bonanno's most notorious text, 1977's Armed Joy is a call to militant, playful action. It was ordered to be destroyed in Italy following its publication. We do not agree with the text fundamentally but reproduce it for reference.

O'Neill Cuestas, Fernando, 1924-2005

A short biography of the Uruguayian anarchist and historian who was one of the founding members of the FAU, and later was involved in the Tupamaros guerrila movement.

The Angry Brigade: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Britain's First Urban Guerilla Group (Documentary)

The complete documentary.

Red Army Faction volume 1: Projectiles for the people

The first in a two-volume series, this is by far the most in-depth history of the Red Army Faction ever made available in English. Volume 1 presents the manifestos and communiques issued by the RAF between 1970 and 1977.

Mendleson, Anna, 1948-2009

Anna Mendleson

Short bio of British writer, poet and political activist who was convicted of conspiracy to cause explosions as part of The Angry Brigade.

A ‘Moscow trial’ in Ho Chi Minh’s guerrilla movement - Ngo Van Xuyet

A group of Viet Minh guerrillas

Vietnamese libertarian socialist Ngo Van Xuyet's account of the repression of revolutionaries around 1945 by Ho Chi Minh's guerrilla forces.