Téllez Solà, Antonio, 1921-2005

Antonio Téllez Solà.

A biography of an anti-Franco guerrilla who became the leading historian of the Spanish Resistance, Antonio Téllez Solà.

Zapata, Emiliano, 1879-1919

Emiliano Zapata.

A short biography of the legendary Mexican revolutionary hero, guerrilla and anarchist, Emiliano Zapata.

Armed resistance to Franco, 1939-1965 - Antonio Téllez

Spanish resistance fighters in the mountains.

An account by Antonio Téllez of the underground guerrilla armed struggle of anarchists and anti-fascists against General Franco's regime following the Civil War.

1939-1943: The Pallarès Action Group

Dictator: Franco

A short history of one of the small groups of anarchist guerrillas who fought in the Resistance to the dictatorship in Spain.

1941-1947: The Los Queros guerrillas


A short history of a small band of anarchist rebels who fought in the Resistance to General Franco's dictatorship in Spain.

"State-Fetishism": some remarks concerning the Red Army Faction - by A. Grossman

A critical article about 1970s West German Marxist urban guerrilla group the Red Army Faction, sometimes known as the Baader-Meinhoff gang.

Review: Vague's Anarchy in the UK: The Angry Brigade - John Barker

An excellent piercing, critical review - by an ex-Brigade member - of Vague's romanticising, fetishistic book on the Angry Brigade.

Nepal: A Long March towards bourgeois democracy?

In-depth analysis of the situation in Nepal, including the anti-monarchist protest movement, the Maoist insurgency, the international economic background and the Nepalese working class.

Sarrau Royes, Liberto, 1920-2002

Liberto (on the right) with two friends in Toulouse, 1946.

A short biography of Spanish anarchist, civil war fighter and Resistance guerrilla Liberto Sarrau Royes.

Orive, Wenceslao Jimenez 'Wences', 1922-1950

Guerrilla - Wenceslao Jimenez 'Wences' Orive

A short biography of Wenceslao Jimenez 'Wences' Orive, Spanish anarchist who fought in the guerrilla resistance to Franco following the fascist victory in the Civil War.