Gurgaon Workers News

Death and development in Gurgaon

Gurgaon workers news on deaths in India's booming region.

The Gurgaon call centre hub

Text from autumn 2006 giving an overview on the call centre hub in Gurgaon, including interviews with workers.

About Gurgaon Workers News

Hero Honda factory occupied, 2006

A brief introduction to the Gurgaon Workers News project.

About Gurgaon

A short description of the town of Gurgaon near New Delhi in India.

The real estate of urban wasteland in India

Gurgaon workers news on development projects and company policies in India in January 2010.

From BPO to riot – proletarian students in NOIDA clash with police

A faked business processes offshoring (BPO) company took money for employment from some students in NOIDA. When the students noticed the scam they did not allow the company owners to move out the building till they paid them back.

Hell’s bells: call centre and workers in global movement

Information and interviews on call centre work and struggles in Romania and India from January 2010.

The Indian Rico strike and the aftermath: when capital wants to "de-risk"

The report of a Rico auto worker of a strike in 2009, alongside another similar struggle and general questions about workers' organisation in India.

Gurgaon Garment Export Workers’ Reports and Escapist Hopes of the Export Regime

Reports from Indian textile workers about their conditions, from autumn 2009.

GurgaonWorkersNews no.21 – November 2009

Indian auto workers strike, October 2009

Workers group's newsletter from India's special export zone, with workplace reports from the area and detailed coverage of the huge strikes of auto workers in October-November 2009.