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Killer coal-burning plant switched off in Vado Ligure, Italy

A coal burning factory in northern Italy, which caused pollution linked to the deaths of hundreds of local residents and was owned by entrepreneurs close to the centre-left political party, has been closed down by police.

The Tirreno Power coal-burning power station in Vado Ligure, near Savona, has been shut down by police at the request of the Public Prosecutor. This comes as a result of a three-year investigation by the Public Prosecutor into the plant’s effects on the environment and public health.

Advice for workers suffering from repetitive strain injury (RSI)

Employment-related advice for workers who begin to suffer from a repetitive strain condition, from a union representative who has RSI.


Brazil World Cup 2014: workers' deaths, racism, gentrification, and cultural terrorism

A brief look at the deaths of four construction workers at the World Cup 2014 stadium construction sites, and at several other scandals associated with next summer's tournament, FIFA, event organisers, and the Brazilian political elite.

Despite everyone knowing the opposite to be true, the Brazilian sports minister claims that all the world cup stadiums will be finished and ready to hand over in January 2014. His smugness over the speed of their completion has come with a heavy cost.

300 Turkish miners barricade themselves underground

300 miners across two shifts at a mine in the Black Sea area of Zonguldak have barricaded themselves underground in protest at atrocious health and safety. Turkey has the worst mine safety record across all of Europe, with 2,554 miners losing their lives since 1991. They have vowed to continue their protest until the demands have been met.

The protest was initiated by workers on the night shift , and then gained widespread support from those who were due to work the day shift. Around 2000 workers who did not wish to go underground have been conducting a protest outside the mine in solidarity with their colleagues.

The common struggle: the firefighters show the way!

Following the first fire brigade strike of 2013 over proposed pension changes, a short look at how injury and incapacity unites all manual workers.

Who's watching whose back?

Gas blowout on Total’s Elgin field: letter from a North Sea oil worker to Reclaim the Power

oil platform

This letter from North Sea oil worker Neil Rothnie, a long-standing trade union activist, was sent today to Reclaim the Power, who together with No Dash For Gas and local organisations are protesting against fracking by Cuadrilla Resources at Balcombe, West Sussex.

Just as people at Balcombe are resisting the oil and gas industry’s actions, so workers on the North Sea have had to deal with it for years. There is much in common: the companies, the dangers, the need for resistance. …


Radical America #17.02-3: Environment Special Double Issue

Constituent Items:

Environmentalism as a mass movement historical notes (O'Brien, Jim)
"It does affect you" women at Love Canal and Three Mile Island (Wesson, Celeste)
Toxic times and class politics (Geiser, Ken)
"Safe levels, acceptable risks" the accident at Seveso (Pomata, Gianna)

Radical America #15.05: Re-industrialization Capitalism Takes Flight

Constituent Items:

Reindustrialization a debate among capitalists (Wolff, Goetz)
From the runway to the sweatshop enterprise zones: and redevelopment of the cities (Mattera, Philip)
Fighting for health and safety: Windsor, Ontario (Brophy, Jim Jackson, John)
Adversaries and models alternative institutions in an age of scarcity (Hedman, Carl)

No need to wait till tomorrow, when safety concerns can be fixed today

A short article about a safety concern at work and how it was dealt with by the author and his coworkers.

When we encounter challenges and worsening conditions at work, if we don’t respond immediately to those negative changes we risk having those degraded conditions becoming standard procedure.

Not Jolly: Genoa dock workers protest after the disaster

Two workers are still missing and seven were found dead at the Port of Genoa, after the Jolly Nero, a cargo ship, hit the pilots’ control tower on the night of Tuesday May 7.

The city is in mourning. There was a 15 minutes stoppage during the morning of Wednesday, observed in schools, the university, shops, banks and industry. The Port workers were on strike until 1 pm.