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Malaysia: migrant workers protest ends in victory

The migrant workers' protest (previously reported on which took place at an electronics factory has ended in a resounding victory for the workers.

5,000 migrants riot at Malaysian factory

More than 5,000 migrant workers tore down a guard tower during rioting at the facility where they were staying in Malaysia’s industrial city of Johor Baru today.

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Dozens of miners killed in Siberian blast

On the night of May, 8 a powerful explosion ripped through the Russia's largest coal mine Raspadskaya near the city of Mezhdurechensk, Kemerovo region, followed by another methane blast 4 hours later. Several ground-based structures were destroyed by the double blast which also led to the ventilation system being rendered inoperative. The exact death toll is still unknown.

Eleven workers die amidst oil spill that can be seen from space

The Explosion in the Gulf was massive.

Eva Rowe’s parents were among the 15 who died that day in Texas City: “A worker who actually worked at the plant collapsed to the floor crying, telling me he was so sorry that he couldn’t find my parents, that he’d been looking for them since the explosion happened. So then I knew,” she recalled.

“My parents were my best friends, they’re all I had. My life ended that day. BP ruined my life. It ended my life. That day I had to start all over.”

"The management of the bank strictly barred the employees from leaving today ... while they also forced the employees to lock up the doors" - Statements on the deaths in Athens

Following the deaths of three workers in a fire at a bank in central Athens yesterday, we reproduce for reference the statements of a worker at the Marfin bank on the incident, and the communiques of the bank workers' union OTOE and the Skaramanga squat in Athens. The bank workers union struck today in response to the deaths, blaming the goverment and employers for the fatalities.

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Mining Disaster in West Virginia

West Virginia Miners

This week, 25 miners lost their lives in a mine explosion at the Performance Coal Co. in Raleigh County, West Virginia. The explosion was the worst mining disaster in over two decades, if you don't count the 10,000 who have died from black lung in the past decade.

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update on cannery workers' strike settlement, by primitivo morales

Network Rail dispute: Railway signallers vote for strike action

Following in the wake of votes for strike action by railway maintenance workers and supervisors, signallers have delivered a vote for strike action in an RMT-organised ballot.