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Death traps - work, home, fire and the poor in Bangladesh

slum fire in Bangladesh

An examination of the ever-present threat of fire in the lives of the working class after yet another garment factory fire kills 21 workers - while slum fires also have a devastating affect...

After the fire: When the offices keep on being dirty, the bosses come down to the jhuggis…

Short note on a slum fire in Gurgaon, which destroyed about 800 huts of families of cleaning and recycling workers on 24th of April 2007. The first two days after the fire office bosses came down to the slum, asking why their offices kept on being dirty.

Death and development in Gurgaon

Gurgaon workers news on deaths in India's booming region.

Porto Marghera – the last firebrands

Excellent booklet on the widespread class struggle in the chemical factories of the Italian industrial zone of Porto Marghera in the 1960s and 70s.

Lodz/Poland: From the household appliance industry’s promised land, 2005

Wildcat Germany on the consumer electronics industry and conditions for workers in Lodz, Poland, following an attack on a foreman after the death of a worker.

Razor Attack on Foreman in Lodz, 2005

Excerpts from a reportage from the daily paper Gazeta Wyborcza (17.10.2005). An accident in the Italian household appliance-factory Indesit in Lodz/Poland lead to an attack on a foreman by masked workers with a razor.

Coal Miners Killed in Methane Explosion.

Miners Claim that Mine Knew of Dangers and Covered them up.

Workers safer in green energy sector

A recent commentary - ‘Expansion of Renewable Energy Industries and Implications for Occupational Health’ - on the human costs of various methods of energy production says ‘green energies’ are less likely to result in death at work than fossil fuels.

Burnsall strike 1992 - European Counter Network

Report on a 1992 strike at a metal finishing company following a worker suffering miscarriage, after management refused her light duties.