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Sicilian bin workers on strike, Palermo drowned in rubbish

Fifty piles of rubbish were set on fire last night in Palermo and rubbish seem to drown the whole city. The city bin workers refuse to do extra hours work because they do not want to get on vehicles that do not abide by the security standards.

Ten days ago the refuse workers of Palermo decided to stop working extra hours because most of the vehicles used for rubbish collection do not abide by compulsory security standards. June wages are at risk but unions decided to keep on with the protest and be on "white strike" which means the strict respect of the security procedures.

Tube workers strike over safety equipment

Tube drivers on the Victoria line are staging a 24-hour strike in a row over door safety equipment. About 180 drivers on the Victoria Line stopped working from 9pm on Tuesday.

The RMT union claims trains need safety features to prevent doors from opening on the wrong side.

The industrial action is being taken by workers from the Seven Sisters depot in north London. The workers said the correct door-side enabling equipment was installed on all other lines on the London Underground.

Health and safety at work, an anarcho-syndicalist approach

This pamphlet is based on a course organised by North & East London Solidarity Federation called "Organising for Health and Safety" back in 1997. It was originally published in 2000. Some of the information regarding the law, may not be up to date, but it is still a good basic handbook for using Health & Safety as an organising tool.

  1. Introduction
  2. A collective approach
  3. Tackling health, safety & welfare
  4. Norwich Solidarity Centre
  5. Anarcho-syndicalism versus trade

The butcher shop: Hamtramck Hospital

Arial photo of Dodge Main.

Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement's attack on the racist practices of the hospital at the Hamtramck Chrysler factory.

(from DRUM Newsletter Number 21)

Migrant workers die in illegal 'housing'

Seven Tadzhik construction workers were killed yesterday in Moscow when a fire broke out in an underground parking garage where they were being illegally housed.

At least 20 other workers were caught in the blaze but were rescued.

Construction firms most often provide migrant workers with makeshift housing (such as containers or garages) in flagrant violate of health and safety regulations.

Doctors' strikes without borders

Underfunded: Lagos University Hospital

Medical doctors in Bangladesh, Nigeria and Yemen have walked out this week in rows over pay, conditions and safety.

The New Nation of Bangladesh reported that internee doctors in Barisal launched a wildcat strike on Saturday 3 January, issuing six demands.

Demands included improved safety for workers, better health and sanitation provision and a reduction in the number of visitors to the hospital.

Death sparks building worker riot in Delhi

After a fatal accident on the Commonwealth Games construction site more than thousand building workers destroyed company offices, cars and trucks.

The aggravating global crisis imposes a new social frame-work for incidents like this: the daily deaths and legal murders become explosive.

The cops shooting a fifteen year old became the trigger of social unrest in Greece, the fatal accident of a building worker sparked the simmering unrest.

Shack Fire Summit, Kennedy Road settlement, 22 September 2008

A statement by the Poor People's Alliance following the shack fire summit called by Abahlali baseMjondolo

Wednesday, 08 October 2008

Abahlali baseMjondolo (KwaZulu-Natal & Western Cape)
Landless Peoples' Movement (KwaZulu-Natal & Gauteng)
Rural Network (KwaZulu-Natal)
Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign (Western Cape)
South African National Civics Organisations (eThekwini region)

Metronet climb down on activist victimisation

Metronet have backed down from attempts to fire RMT militant Andy Littlechild

As previously reported here, Metronet have been victimising militant RMT rep Andy Littlechild. Andy had been suspended for 3 weeks for following Metronet agreed health and safety policy against the wishes of a manager.

Building workers on strike in Trinidad

Contract workers hired for the construction of the continuous catalytic reactor (CCR) and the alti-acid plants at Petrotrin, Pointe-a-Pierre, yesterday downed tools for the second time in three days.

On Saturday, the workers at the CCR plant walked off the site in protest against what they described as unfair treatment of women employees by management.