The History of May Day

A May Day History Comic

A short comic about the history of May Day. Illustrated by Viro — a Vietnamese artist, with historical support from Working Class History. Available in English and Vietnamese.

Foundations of Oppression: The Antebellum South Appalachian Class Dynamic

The nature of the South Appalachian planter economy can be best understood through the regions complex class dynamic and the struggles its lower classes endured for the sake of profits.

Mayday and Anarchism : Remembrance and Resistance From Haymarket to Now

a woman is striding with a black flag, the sun shining and buildings behind her

This pamphlet shows the history of Mayday, and the differing ways in which Anarchists have responded to its call. It includes pieces on: The Haymarket affair and its aftermath, The idea of Mayday from the 1890s to the 1940s and Reclaiming Mayday in recent times.

A History of Economic Thought - Isaac llych Rubin

An important work, which situates Marx's economic thought in relation to the economic theories which predate him - from mercantilism to John Stuart Mill.

Blossoms of an Aborted Revolution

An anarchist reflection of the 1987 People Power Revolution which deposed the dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Hunting Specters: A Political History of the Purges in the Communist Party of the Philippines

A historical study of the violent purges committed by the Communist Party of the Philippines and their armed component the New People's Army.

A new world in our hearts - Eight years of writings from the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation

A New World In Our Hearts

A New World in Our Hearts contains texts from an important chapter and step in anarchist organizing in the United States and North-America as a whole. This book captures some of the texts and discussions that led to the forming and demise of the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation that would exist for 8 years. Its experience would become the foundation of the now known Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

Notes on the 1971 Diliman Commune

An account of the 1971 Diliman Commune which was a student uprising against the Marcos dictatorship.