Iain McKay

Mutualism, yes and no - Iain McKay

Iain McKay discusses the mutualist politics of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. Originally published in January 2010.

Mutualism is a libertarian form of market socialism. It is most associated with Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the first person to call himself an anarchist. However, he did not invent the term but rather picked it up from workers in Lyon when he stayed there in the 1840s.

Review of Carlo Tresca: Portrait of a Rebel

Iain McKay reviews Nunzio Pernicone's book Carlo Tresca: Portrait of a Rebel.

Carlo Tresca is one of those rebel workers whose memory deserves to be honoured and Pernicone's excellent biography does just that. Pernicone's has previously produced an excellent history of the Italian anarchist movement ("Italian Anarchism: 1864-1892", Princeton University Press, 1993) and this work is of equal quality and of interest to anarchists.

Review; Mutual Aid: an introduction and evaluation by Iain McKay

A review of Iain McKay's introduction and evaluation to Peter Kropotkin's Mutual Aid, reviewed by Paul Petard.

This extended essay, published in pamphlet form by AK Press, is based on research Ian McKay did for his introduction to the new Freedom Press edition of Kropotkin's Mutual Aid. It deals not only with Kropotkin's work, but also on issues in science writing in general, and encompasses Richard Dawkins, Stephen Jay Gould and Matt Ridley among others.

An anarchist FAQ vol 1

The Anarchist FAQ has been one of the standout achievements of the last decade in terms of its rigourous treatment of every aspect of the theory. Its translation from screen to print is long overdue. Something of an encyclopaedic resource for anyone studying anarchism, this weighty tome is a comprehensive guide to the history, theory and practice. The transition from web to page has been long awaited, and this first volume will be an invaluable resource for those interested in finding out more about the philosophy as well as those who are studying at an academic level.

The irresistible correctness of anarchism - working class opposition to Mussolini

A lengthy critique of the SWP's attempt to rewrite the history of the resistance to Italian fascism in the early 1920s as well as the revolutionary Red Years after World War I. An important, if not well known, bit of anarchist history.

Original here: http://anarchism.pageabode.com/anarcho/the-irresistible-correctness-of-anarchism

The Resistible Rise of Benito Mussolini, Tom Behan, Bookmarks, 2003, £8

"If the anarchists are not careful, their enemies will write their history" (Gaetano Salvemini) [1]

Bailouts, co-operatives or class struggle - a debate

A debate between Iain McKaye and the libcom group about an adequate workers' response to the credit crunch - should we advocate nationalisation, co-op's, or struggle?

The initial two articles were published simultaneously in Freedom newspaper, the latter responses were published online.

The grand bluff: private profits, social risks

In this 2008 feature for Freedom, published shortly after the first major bank bailout as the recession began to bite, Iain McKay explains the cost of believing big business

With the financial markets in a panic, the calls for bailouts have increased – and the bank of England has responded with a huge rates cut, while Brown has underwritten banks to the tune of billions.