Hunger strikes in corporate immigrant prisons in the United States

Northwest Detention Center

Detainees at the privately-owned Northwest Detention Center in the United States are on a hunger strike against bad treatment and deportations.

Here is an expected result of the cruelty that is immigrant detention. Hundreds out of 1,300 immigrants currently being detained in the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma began protesting on Friday. They began a hunger strike against deportations as well as better conditions in the facility such as higher wages, better food and better treatment.

Ancona’s centre-left city council evicts housing occupation

On 5 February 2014 Ancona’s centre-left city council evicted refugees and homeless people from the Casa de Nialtri housing occupation. The Casa was a former infant school (disused for three years) which had been occupied on 22 December by people from a large network of grassroots groups and associations, together with a number of Italian and migrant homeless people.

The Casa – the first housing occupation in Ancona for more than two decades – provided a home to around 60 people.

Beyond the select commission: immigrant wars update

Article prepared for Zerowork issue 3 on immigration.


As a result of the widespread opposition from Chicano groups (such as those gathered at the San Antonio conference), from various church and civil rights organizations, and with a lack of support from the bureaucracies of organized labor (who opposed the amnesty provisions of the plan) the Carter Plan was never acted upon in Congress and died of neglect in 1978 and 19

Dead end: about the coup in Egypt

Article by the Wildcat collective on the background and current developments of class struggle in Egypt after the military coup in summer 2013 with additional focus on the situation of migrant workers in the Gulf states.

Dead End: About the Coup in Egypt
(translated from: wildcat, winter 2013/14: www.wildcat-www.de)

The Lampedusa Charter

Over the past weekend (31 January – 2 February), a large number of North African and European associations, movements and networks concerned with migrants’ issues met on the Italian island of Lampedusa. The aim was to put together a charter stating the rights of migrants and, in the long-term, to change European policies about migration.

The island was chosen for the meeting after the refugee tragedies of October 2013, underlining the Charter’s new ideas and the political decision to engage actively with the island’s population.

Granarolo protesters march through Bologna [photos]

Bologna saw 1,000 people marching on February 1st, to bring the claims of Granarolo workers to the attention of local and national authorities.

There were logistics workers not only from Granarolo’s own warehouse but also from other warehouses across Northern Italy, where strikes and protests have been taking place almost every day for months.

How anti-immigrant myths serve the bosses

As the anti-migrant propaganda of the UK press continues, London Antifascists examine how their scapegoating lets government and employers off the hook.

The relentless diet of anti-migrant hysteria served by the mainstream press for the past few months has been staggering, even by their standards. The Daily Express in particular outdid itself, promising a “crusade” against Bulgarian and Romanian immigration.

Granarolo workers demanding reinstatements attacked by police [video]

Around 100 workers at the Granarolo warehouse in Bologna have been protesting for eight months, demanding better working conditions, better wages, the repeal of Bossi-Fini law and the reinstatement of 51 colleagues who were fired in reprisal for their involvement in strikes and protests.

On January 23, after four days of picketing, around a hundred of them organized by the base union SI COBAS together with other logistics workers, activists from local radical organizations and social centers, blockaded the road connecting the warehouse to the city and the national highway network.

A voice from the aliens: about the anti-alien resolution of the Cardiff Trade Union Congress

Voice from the Aliens cover image

No One Is Illegal's 2006 reprint of the first known leaflet against immigration controls, produced by Jewish textile workers in 1895.

We, the organised Jewish workers of England, taking into consideration the Anti-Alien Resolution, and the uncomplimentary remarks of certain delegates about the Jewish workers specially, issue this leaflet, wherewith we hope to convince our English fellow workers of the untruthfulness, unreasonableness, and want of logic contained in the cry against the foreign worker in general, and against the J

'You're different, you're one of us': the making of a British Asian

Asian children play in Bradford.

Interesting interview with a Sikh man who grew up in Manningham, Bradford, and was one of the founders of the Asian Youth Movement. Here he talks about his experiences growing up as one of the first Asian children to go through the city's education system and his eventual politicisation.