How Farmers Defeated the Government of India: A Year of Protests Shows the Effectiveness of Horizontality and Direct Action

In the following report, Pranav Jeevan P explores the conflict between the farmers and the far-right government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the character of the movement that the farmers initiated, and the means by which they triumphed. This article was originally published by Crimethinc.

Subversion reviews of Collectivities publications

Subversion reviews of "A Ballad Against Work" and "Reflections on Marx's Critique of Political Economy".

Minor Threats And Attacks – 45 years of political experience in India

A Testimony

Nodeep Kaur with megaphone

Video about workers protesting for getting their outstanding wages, in Haryana, in December 2020. They are supported by an activist from the farmers' movement.

Anarchism, Mutual Aid, and Self-Organization: From the George Floyd Uprising to India’s Farmer Rebellion

The following essay examines the explosion of mass struggles in India under the far-Right Modi government while comparing them to the George Floyd uprising in the United States, highlighting the role that mutual aid and self-organization played in each. This article was first published by It's Going Down.

Okupa Cuba Casa Refugio: The Shaheen Bagh of Mexico

Indian anarchist Pranav Jeevan P writes on a feminist occupation in Mexico. Content warning: this article includes discussion of sexual violence. This article was first published by Round Table India.

Begumpura: The Anarchist Commune

Indian anarchist Pranav Jeevan P writes on Begumpura, a utopia envisioned by the mystic and poet Guru Raidas. This article was first published by Round Table India.

Annihilation of caste: Can an anarchist perspective work?

Indian anarchist Pranav Jeevan P writes on what anarchism has to offer the anti-caste movement. This article was first published by Round Table India.

N30: Global Capitalism Global Protest

There were actions against the WTO all over the world, including Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Iceland, Turkey and the places below.

Article from Black Flag #219 about the protests on November 30th 1999.

Farmers' protests in India: resources

Farmers protest. Photo by Randeep Maddoke

A compilation of resources about the current wave of strikes and protests by farmers in India, compiled by Amritpan Kaur.