Insurgent Notes

Current developments in Iran - 4th January 2018

Haft Tapeh Sugarcane workers on strike

From an Iranian comrade. Fist published on Insurgent Notes.

Silences on the suppression of workers self-emancipation: historical problems with CLR James's interpretation of V.I. Lenin

Matthew Quest, writing for Insurgent Notes, details CLR James' treatment of Lenin across decades of James' work. While CLR James broke with with Trotskyism and Trotsky as well as the Leninist party form, he never properly broke with Lenin or his works.

No more Missouri compromises - John Garvey

Like many others, we at Insurgent Notes have been paying a great deal of attention to the events in Ferguson, Missouri, that began with the murder of Michael Brown in August. We have been inspired by the courage, determination and endurance of the people from Ferguson, and other nearby cities, that have refused to let his murder simply pass by—in spite of the overwhelming police/military power that has confronted them.

Review: Chris Rhomberg, The Broken Table: The Detroit Newspaper Strike and the State of American Labor (2012)

A critical review of Chris Rhomberg's The Broken Table: The Detroit Newspaper Strike and the State of American Labor.

What’s up with Bosnia? - Juraj Katalenac

Article about situation in Bosnia as rioting across the country continues in the wake of demonstrations against privatisation, from Insurgent Notes.

Yugoslav self-management: Capitalism under the red banner - Juraj Katalenac

Kardelj and Tito

Analysis of Yugoslav socialism and its system of self-management.

Review: Susan Buck-Morss, Thinking past terror: Islamism and critical theory on the Left (Verso, 2003)

Critique of Susan Buck-Morss

Arya Zahedi takes critical theorist Susan Buck-Morss to task on positing political Islam as a "Middle Eastern" answer to the fight against capitalism in the region.

Symposium: Truth and revolution

A symposium on Michael Staudenmaier's Truth and Revolution: A History of the Sojourner Truth Organization, 1969–1986.

Notes towards a critique of Maoism

Loren Goldner's 'bare-bones history' of Maoism.

Make sure you don’t fall: Perspectives on the recent social agitation in Chile, part one

Carlos Lagos P. and Jorge Budrovich S. discuss the massive student movement in Chile and the social unrest which has accompanied it.