Montels, Jules, 1843-1916

Jules Montels in his Commune military uniform

A short biography of anarchist, Paris Communard and tutor to Leo Tolstoy's children, Jules Montels.

Alérini, Charles, 1842-1877+


A short biography of French anarchist revolutionary and First International activist, Charles Alérini.

Bastelica, André, 1845-1884

Fallen: The Paris Commune

A short biography of First International member, brilliant agitator and organiser of the Marseilles working class, André Bastelica.

Pindy, Jean Louis, 1840-1917

Jean Louis Pindy

A short biography of Jean Louis Pindy: Paris Communard, anarchist and inventor of the Paindy.

Dumartheray, Francois, 1842-1931

Friend: Peter Kropotkin

A short biography of possibly the founder of anarchist communism, Francois Dumartheray of France.

The philosophical roots of the Marx-Bakunin conflict - Ann Robertson

Article about political differences between Bakunin and Marx, which correlated to the anarchist-Marxist split in the First International.

The author is biased in favour of Marx's views, but fails to give credit for Bakunin's influence on Marx (such as forcing him to clarify his views on the state) or those instances where Bakunin had more insight than Marx (such as on the evolution and counter-revolutionary nature of Social Democracy).

Secret Societies and the First International - Boris I. Nicolaevsky

The influence of a radical-democratic offshoot of freemasonry on the formation of the First International.

Bakunin, Mikhail, 1814-1876

Mikhail Bakunin

A short biography of Russian anarchist, often described as the founding father of collectivist anarchism, Mikhail Bakunin.

1868-1936: Anarchism in Spain


A history of the anarchist and workers movements in Spain from its origins in the late 19th century up to the start of the Civil War.

1860-today: The International Workers Association

The history of the anarchist international from its origins in the 1860s through its height of several million members, to its later decline and current resurgence.