The libcom library archiving Christmas wish list!

Well, it's the holiday season, here is a wish list of content we would like archived on over the next year, if anyone felt like giving us a present! [Article from Christmas 2009, now out of date]

other archives hosted on

A breakdown of the other websites and online archives which has incorporated over the years.

Le Jura Libertaire, interview about the French anarchist blog

Translation of interview with contributor to "Le Jura Libertaire," a French anarchist blog.

The Internationalist' Discussion List - Red and Black Notes

Red and Black Notes article about the then new Internationalist' Discussion Network.

Netherlands: Thousands walk out against school hours

Pupils demonstrate in Stadhuisplein

Thousands of Dutch school pupils walked out of lessons on Friday in wildcat protests organised online against lesson times.

Fiji: minister attacks bloggers

Troops take control of armoury during coup

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, the interim attorney-general appointed after last year's coup, has criticised bloggers.

MWR speech about web activism at the European Social Forum, 2002

Transcript of MWR member Bouncer's speech about the group internet activism at the European Social Forum in Florence, Italy, November 2002.

WiMaximum profit - the wireless revolution and big business

Rob Ray investigates how a big-business ‘wireless revolution’ is set to retard urban communications technology for generations to come.

The Zapatistas and the Electronic Fabric of Struggle *DRAFT*

What follows is a DRAFT of a chapter of a book on the Zapatistas and revolution at the beginning of the XXIst Century. The book, edited by John Holloway in Mexico City, will consist of a collection of new articles, mostly from Mexican scholars and political analysts. This essay should be quoted only with permission from the author.

The Zapatista Effect: The Internet and the rise of an alternative political fabric

Harry Cleaver looks at the role of technology and the internet in spreading class struggle.