Who is profiting from Syria?

This is one of a series of articles written by Shoal Collective in the run-up to the DSEI arms fair. This one focuses on Syria, who is involved in the conflict, and who is arming them. It was originally published in The Region.

Image by Syrian artist Tammam Azzam

As all the world’s conflicts are played out in Syria, arms companies are making a killing.

The USA, Qatar and ‘New’ Imperialist Alignments

Donald Trump and the Emir of Qatar.

The official story is that Saudi Arabia, supported by Egypt, the Emirates, Bahrain and other sidekicks in the Gulf, is trying to isolate Qatar from the rest of the Arab world as punishment for betraying the Sunni cause and for financing jihadhi terrorism. Like all lies, this one contains an element of truth which conceals other aspects of the situation which must not be brought to light, much less focussed on.

نشست احزاب کردستان ایران (هولیر)

نشست احزاب کردستان ایران

بورژوازی کرد، سرمایه جهانی، کارگران کردستان

نشست احزاب کردستان ایران (هولیر)

در صورت حاد شدن اختلافات و رقابت های حکومتگران سرمایه جهانی با حکومتگران سرمایه داخلی ایران قرار است این احزاب نقش پیاده نظام سرمایه جهانی را بازی کنند

نشست احزاب کردستان ایران (هولیر)

مقالهای در جهت روشن کردن مواضع احزاب سیاسی کردستان بعد از انتخاب ترامپ به ریاست جمهوری

نشست احزاب کردستان ایران (هولیر)

این احزاب در صورت حاد شدن اختلافات و رقابت سرمایه جهانی با سرمایه داخلی ایران قرار است نقش پیاده نظام سرمایه جهانی را بازی کنند

Critics respond to Trump’s comments on Putin with surreal hypocrisy

USS Vincennes launching a missile

Critics attacked Trump after he drew a moral equivalency between the actions of Putin and the U.S.

1907: Iranian General Strike

During the instability of the Constitutional Revolution of 1907 Iranian workers launched a series of strikes to achieve reforms, particularly land redistribution, the right to strike and an 8 hour day.

The Iranian coup, 1953

Roosevelt with the Shah of Iran

A detailed account of the overthrow of nationalist Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh by the CIA at the behest of the British and American governments, written by Stephen Kinzer.