Feminism in Israel: a common struggle? - Debbie Lerman

Article by Jewish socialist-feminist Debbie Lerman on the lack of co-operation between Israeli-Jewish and Palestinian-Arab feminists, and some proposals on how to promote a common struggle.

THIS ARTICLE is an attempt to analyse, from an individual point of view, the lack of progress, difficulties and failures that have caused many women to discourage and abandon the perspective of a common struggle between Palestinian and Israeli women, in the context of the peace and anti-Zionist movement in Israel.

The Jewish collectivity and national reproduction in Israel - Nira Yuval-Davis

In-depth study by Israeli socialist-feminist Nira Yuval-Davis looking at the constraints put on Israeli women by the zionist state, examining the role of Israeli Jewish women as reproducers of the national collectivity and their role in the 'demographic race'.


A Palestinian woman in prison - Laila al-Hamdani

A fascinating, moving and, at times, harrowing first-hand account of life as a Palestinian female political prisoner in Israel, the conflicts and relationships between inmates - both Jewish and Arab - and the struggles against prison authorities.

Trigger warning: contains discussion of prison violence, rape and torture.

WE DIDN'T ASK who had planted it, but within ourselves we all knew that this beautiful jasmine tree had been here before the state which had built this prison was planted on our land.

Israel and the new order in the Middle East - Moshe Machover

Israeli troops in Lebanon, 1978.

Moshe Machover's article on Israel's role in the Middle-East, its uses for American political interests in the 1970s and the pressures this sometimes put on the American government itself.

Once upon a time - many wars and revolutions ago, when royal thrones were still standing in palaces on the banks of the Tigris and the Nile - the editor of Ha'aretz wrote an article1 in which he explained why imperialism supported Israel.

  • 1. Hazonah mikrakey hayam ve'anahnu (The harlot from the cities of the seas and we) in Ha'aretz, 30 September 1951.

Khamsin #10: Israel and its war in Lebanon

10th issue of Khamsin published in 1983 about the Israel-Lebanon war, class divisions in Israel, the rise of Islam and its influence on women and more.

Sociology of the Palestinians in Israel (book review) - Nira Yuval-Davis

Book review by Nira Yuval-Davis of Elia Zureik's The Palestinians in Israel.

Sociology of the Palestinians in Israel - Nira Yuval-Davis

Elia T. Zureik, The Palestinians in Israel: a Study in Internal Colonialism, Routledge and Kegan Paul, London, 1979; 249pp.

Palestinian workers in Israel: a reserve army of labour - Emanuel Farjoun

In-depth study of the conditions of Palestinian workers in Israel and their function in the Israeli economy.

Palestinian workers in Israel: a reserve army of labour - Emanuel Farjoun

The following is a translation of a survey published in Hebrew as a pamphlet (Dapim Adumim no 5, Jerusalem, May 1978) by the Socialist Organisation in Israel- Matzpen.


Zionism, demography and women's work - Avishai Ehrlich

A Marxist analysis on the role of women workers in Israeli society, showing how zionist colonisation affected the inequality of women who were used as a reserve source of labour whenever a shortage in the workforce threatened to hamper zionist goals.

Zionism, demography and women's work1 - Avishai Ehrlich

  • 1. This article is a result of work done with D. Hecht and N. Yuval-Davis, whose views were expressed in Khamsin 6. Although some of our ideas were developed together, I am solely responsible for the views expressed in this article.

Khamsin: Palestine: profile of an occupation

Collection of essays focusing on the Israeli attitudes and policies which brought about the first Intifada. It covers the economic dislocation of Palestinians, settler politics in Jerusalem as well as the conditions and types of work available to Palestinian workers in Israel. It also examines Israeli self-images and self-justification is. Various Israeli-proposed Federalist solutions are considered, as is the Palestinian response. Finally, the authors highlight the central role of Palestinian women and the ever-present influence of the refugee camps.

Published in 1989 as Khamsin #14.

Khamsin: Women in the Middle East

Issue of Khamsin from 1987 about women and feminism in the Middle East and Egypt, Palestine and Israel particular.