Italian resistance

Amadeo Bordiga and the myth of Antonio Gramsci - John Chiaradia

Plaque commemorating Gramsci in Moscow

Useful article about the relationship between Bordiga and Gramsci and the stalinisation of the Italian workers' movement.


This text by John Chiaradia was taken from Loren Goldner's website (see his intro below) and extensively cleaned up and put into PDF and eBook formats because I think it deserves to take its place in the corpus of material about Bordiga that's on libcom.

Mantovani, Mario (1897-1977) aka Lucio Adorni aka Mario Ferrarini aka Lucio Adali

Mantovani third from left

A short biography of Mario Mantovani, veteran Italian anarchist

Mantovani, Mario (1897-1977) aka Lucio Adorni aka Mario Ferrarini aka Lucio Adali

Armed with a yellow mimosa: Women’s defence and assistance groups in Italy, 1943–45

A journal article by Jomarie Alano on the history of the Gddd in the Italian Resistance.

Anti-fascist Italian women's group, Gddd, written out of history - almost

The Gddd were an organization of women in Italy from 1943-45. They were the largest group of active anti fascist women at the time. At their height they had around 70,000 members and comprised of women from every walk of life, from previously unpoliticised housewives to lifelong radical activists. Some of the work they did included organizing strikes, armed resistance, setting up after school hot meals for children, providing clothing and shoes to low income families, stealing coal and bread and handing it out to those in need, Robin Hood style.

Unlike some anti fascists at the time, the Gddd did not long for the Italy before fascism, as these women had lived in that world and experienced a culture based on patriarchy and women’s subjugation. Instead, the women of the Gddd longed for a new world which at it’s core practiced real equality for everyone.

Failla, Alfonso, 1906-1986

Alfonso Failla.

A short biography of inspirer of the Siracusa uprising, fighter in the resistance and a key figure in the rebuilding of the Italian anarchist movement after World War II, Alfonso Failla.

Alfonso Failla was born in Siracusa, Sicily on 30th July 1906. He was drawn to the anarchist movement and was heavily involved in the activity of the movement.

Domaschi, Giovanni, 1891-1945

A short biography of courageous anarchist and veteran escapee, Giovanni Domaschi who was tortured and had an ear severed before dying in the Dachau death camp.

Giovanni Domaschi was born on 30th December 1891 at Verona, the son of poor peasants.

They were never able to feed their eight children adequately, and three of them died young.

His hard life alerted him at an early age to social injustice and he began to see that the world was divided into two camps, the rich and the poor, those who rule and those who produce wealth.

Pedrini, Belgrado, 1913-1979

Italian partisans in World War II

A short biography of anarchist Belgrado Pedrini who took part in antifascist resistance and as a result served 30 years in prison in post-Mussolini Italy.

Born at Carrara on 5th May 1913, Belgrado’s mother died when he was nine. His father was a sculptor and had the opportunity to travel to many cities, and he named his son after the Yugoslav city which was still fresh in his memory.

Cieri, Antonio, 1898-1937

Antonio Cieri

A short biography of Italian anarchist rail worker, anti-fascist militant and Spanish Civil War fighter Antonio Cieri.

Born in Vasto near Chieti in the Abruzzi in 1898, Antonio Cieri served as an officer in the Italian Army during World War I and was decorated.

After the war he became active in the anarchist movement in Ancona. He got a job as a technical designer for the Italian railways.

Bifolchi, Giuseppe, 1895-1978

Biography of an Italian anarchist communist who fought in the Spanish Civil War and then later in the Italian Resistance to the nazis.

Giuseppe Bifolchi aka Viola aka V
Born Balsorano, Italy 1895. Died Avezzano Italy 1978

Born in the Abruzzi in Balsorano on 20th February 1895

Vanni, Renzo, 1923-1999


Short biography on the member of the Communist Party controlled resistance to Mussolini who broke with Leninism and became active in the Pisan anarchist movement.

Renzo Vanni
Born Asciano Pisano, Italy 1923. Died Pisa, Italy 1999

Born in Asciano Pisano in 1923, Renzo Vanni as a youth took part in the Communist Party controlled resistance against Mussolini (partisans in Milan pictured, above).