Why we’re not afraid of the pitchforks

Translation of a very interesting piece of analysis by the Italian InfoAut crew on the "Pitchfork Movement" that has managed to block the whole of Sicily for about a week in January 2012.

Students protest against President Napolitano in Bologna

Police represses demonstration against President Napolitano

Around 250 students and far-left activists protested against Italian Head of the State Giorgio Napolitano in Bologna, the 30th of January.

You can’t arrest the whole Valley – support the NO TAV arrestees

How to support the NO TAV activists arrested on January 26. Support the campaign or, even better, write to them!

No-Tav demonstration in Torino

March in via Roma

The “no-tav” movement demonstrates in Turin against that judiciary action with a march of about 10 thousand people.


A list of links and primers for the Italian movements of the 60s and 70s.

Italian trucking strike starts to bite

The effects of the week long trucking strike and blockades have started to have an impact, markets are empty, and factories and petrol stations have been forced to close. Fiat are reporting a loss of production of over 4,000 cars a day. The government remain defiant.

Police repression against No-TAV movement

March against repression

25 activists from all over the country were arrested in the repressive turn against NOTAV , while 15 more people were subject to precautionary measures and one french activist recived a prohibition of residence in Torino’s province, which includes the Susa Valley. Only three of the arrested people are originally from the Susa Valley: Giorgio Rossetto, leader of the Turin-based squatted community Askatasuna and Guido Fissore, 66, member of town council of Villarfochiardo, and Mario Nucera, barber in Bussoleno.

Tomato harvest in Nardo, Apulia: The first self organised strike of the day labourers

An account and analysis by Devi Sacchetto and Mimmo Perrotta of a July 2011 strike by ultra-precarious migrant agricultural workers in Italy.

Italian taxi drivers and truckers strike against fuel prices and economic reform

Taxi drivers and truckers across Italy set up road blocks in a protests against record fuel prices, and government reforms to 'free up' their work sectors. More strikes are planned for the coming weeks and months across a variety of sectors.

Servirail and Ferrotel workers in protest

Ferrotel workers (via

Workers on transport sector form the South of Italy are fighting back against new industrial plan of Ferrovie dello Stato (the national railway service).