Solidarity with the NOTAV arrestees: updates

Milan "Can't arrest struggles. Freedom for every NoTav struggler"

An update from Italy Calling on solidarity with arrested participants in the no-TAV anti-high-speed rail protests.

Occupy Pisa: Via La Pergola evicted, the occupations continue!

For background info and context on the Occupy Pisa past successes read this old article here.

Ongoing solidarity with the NO TAV arrestees in Italy

Update on the NO TAV arrestees and how to support them. Includes updated address list to write to activists still in prison.

16 years sentence for Eternit owners in asbestos trial

People celebrate after the sentence

The courtroom in Turin was crowded. People had to wait on their feet until the judge finished to read the sentence.

Italy news update 1-10 February

Mario Monti

The reform of Italian labour market is the top priority of Monti’s Government. The key themes of the current political debate are the improvement of job flexibility and the controversial reform of the article 18 of workers’ law, to enable dismissal of workers of big enterprises without “a just cause”.

Murder attempt inquiry to be dismissed over G8 facts in Genova

Mark Cowell after G8 in Genova, 2001

British journalist, Mark Cowell, was subjected to a "brutal" and "potentially lethal" aggression during the demo against G8 in Genova (2001). Now, the inquiry is coming to an end. Italian newspapers and nationwide media are not reporting this story.

Little victory for Omsa workers

Omsa workers on stike

On the 31st of January, the national boycott campaign against Golden Lady products has reached its peak producing a first important result for Omsa workers in Faenza.

Why we’re not afraid of the pitchforks

Translation of a very interesting piece of analysis by the Italian InfoAut crew on the "Pitchfork Movement" that has managed to block the whole of Sicily for about a week in January 2012.

Students protest against President Napolitano in Bologna

Police represses demonstration against President Napolitano

Around 250 students and far-left activists protested against Italian Head of the State Giorgio Napolitano in Bologna, the 30th of January.

You can’t arrest the whole Valley – support the NO TAV arrestees

How to support the NO TAV activists arrested on January 26. Support the campaign or, even better, write to them!