Saving the countryside

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Brescia: 38 years after fascist blast, rallying students are charged by police

Clashes between protesters and police took place in Brescia on May 28, during the annual commemoration of the victims of the neofascist bombing of Piazza della Loggia in 1974.

Second quake hits Northern italy

17 dead, 350 injured and over 15,000 homeless: this is the toll of the second earthquake that hit the region of Emilia, in northern Italy, on May 29, at a magnitude of 5.8. Among the most heavily affected towns are San Felice sul Panaro, Cento, Crevalcore, Mirandola, Medolla. This is the second quake in 10 days to hit a zone traditionally considered at low-medium seismic risk. Schools and universities, as well as all public offices in Bologna and Modena, have been closed until further notice. Experts warn that new quakes may follow over the next few days.

Operaist freedom: for Romano Alquati

An obitatury for Italian Marxist, Romano Alquati, who passed away in April of 2010 at the age of 75.

Italy: New tactics and organization

"Italy: New Tactics and Organization", Radical America, Vol. V, No. 5, September-October 1971.

Interview with Guido Viale

An 1973 interview with a member of Lotta Continua, an Italian anticapitalist organization linked to the operaismo and autonomia movements.

Introduction to the revolutionary left in Italy - Jim Kaplan

A primer on the where the Italian movement of 1973 came out of and a description of some of the different groups involved.

Radical America #07.02: Working class struggles in Italy

Issue of Radical America journal from March-April 1973 focusing on the mass struggles going on at the time in Italy in workplaces and communities.

Organizing for workers' power - Adriano Sofri

An article on Leninism and vanguardism written in 1968 for the local Potere Operaio group of Pisa.

Italy, 1973: workers' struggles in the capitalist crisis - Potere Operaio

An analysis of the situation in Italy during 1973 by the group, Potere Operaio (Workers' Power).